FEIG Expands Its Range of UHF Antennas

3 New Antenna Variants for Numerous Applications

Typical areas of application are workplace applications in industry, production and retail, personal and vehicle access control as well as near-field applications in logistics.

FEIG ELECTRONIC is expanding its range of UHF antennas with three new antenna variants. A flat-panel antenna, a mid-range antenna and a near-field antenna are now available and provide a wide range of additional applications for FEIG UHF readers.

In addition to wide-range antennas, especially for vehicle identification and logistical applications, as well as the flexible LOCFIELD® antennas, FEIG now offers further antennas. All three have their own characteristics and therefore offer different advantages and possible uses.

image of Feig's new antennas

Small and very focused: the UHF Near-Field Antenna

The near-field antenna ID ANT.U82/82 is the smallest of the new antennas and with dimensions of just 82 x 82 x 9.5 mm it can be installed and used almost anywhere.
Due to the clearly defined near field with a maximum reading range of 10 cm, there are almost no incorrect readings or reflections.
Typical areas of application are workplace applications in industry, production and retail, personal and vehicle access control as well as near-field applications in logistics.

Strong in a small space: the UHF Flat-Panel Antenna

The flat-panel antenna ID ANT.U280/210 can be used wherever space is really tight, as it is just 8 mm high.
Thanks to integrated mounting holes, it can be installed anywhere on a flat surface and also used lying down.
With reading ranges of up to 4 m, Smart Shelf applications can be conveniently implemented - it is also used at workplaces in industry, production and retail.

Robust and aesthetic at the same time: the UHF Mid-Range Antenna

The mid-range antenna ID ANT.U150/150 is very robust and can be used in harsh industrial environments due to its high protection class IP68.
Four mounting holes according to VESA100 standard allow for easy mounting; the connection to a stationary reader from the FEIG reader range is made via an SMA socket.
With reading ranges of up to 4 m, it is ideal for use in logistics, in industry, in railway applications or in waste management. Thanks to its aesthetic design, the antenna also cuts a fine figure in retail, e.g. in applications such as permanent inventory or asset tracking.

Extensive family of antennas in the housing

With the three new antennas, FEIG now offers its customers a complete set of UHF antennas in a housing. Connected to a UHF reader from FEIG, which is also available in a wide range, almost any application can be implemented.
And if you want it to be very individual, FEIG offers even more alternatives with four different LOCFIELD® antennas.


FEIG ELECTRONIC has been a specialist in traffic sensor technology, door controllers, and RFID for more than 40 years.

In the parking sector products from all the three-division are used:
induction loop detectors, barrier control units or UHF Long Range Readers control access to the parking area. Electronic counting devices detect vehicles or free spaces and RFID payment systems provide contactless payment at the parking ticket machine or directly at the exit terminal.

All products are developed and manufactured in Germany, offering the highest level of product quality and customer support.

Products are delivered only to system integrators and resellers, but not to end-users.

Besides a subsidiary in the US, FEIG ELECTRONIC has a wide network of international distribution partners for worldwide sales.


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