Flex Lighting Solutions Offers an Adaptable and Efficient Solution That Keeps Energy and Maintenance Costs Down

Flex Lighting Solutions Offers an Adaptable and Efficient Solution That Keeps Energy and Maintenance Costs Down

A well-lit car park plays a key role in the safety and comfort in parking garages. Drivers need to see clearly columns, corners, ramps and pedestrians while driving and maneuvering through aisles and parking spaces. Pedestrians must be able to see from a safe distance oncoming cars and be able to identify other people. Good lighting reduces accidents, creates a comfortable environment for customers and makes them feel safe.

Flex Lighting Solutions offers a wide array of LED fixtures that can be used in different locations  including parking garages. The Linear Series is the perfect solution to retrofit or upgrade linear fluorescent fixtures, providing ultra-long life, high uniformity and low glare with a modular design that allows continuous-run lighting. With approximately 309,000 hours of life and a lumen range from 3,000 to 12,000 lm, this luminaire is ideal for car parks that need energy efficient and long-lasting lighting.

We are really proud of the thought and engineering that went into this Linear Series 2.0,” shared Mark Stranczek, Senior Product Manager. “Our goal was to provide product enhancements that not only come from a product design and engineering standpoint, but a customer use and also installer standpoint. Almost every building has linear fluorescent fixtures and this Linear Series 2.0 is a very fast, easy, and quality upgrade solution to LED technology in any of those applications.”

The Hosedown Series are luminaries in an enclosed and sealed gasket, being the best choice for high performance in wet location and extreme dust environments. This series is ideal for car parks in areas with heavy rainfall and wind. The need for ventilation in car parks can make other luminaires vulnerable to moisture and gusts of wind. Hosedown Series is a reliable, long-lasting solution for all indoor parking garages.

We are really excited about launching the Hosedown Series 2.0 because we had a really good product but were able to make a better product – with all the bells and whistles - and make it less expensive for our customers,” shared Mark Stranczek, Senior Product Manager. “We are really proud of all the design efforts that went into this product. Getting that many lumens out of a small-frame product was a collective effort from engineers to designers to sales providing feedback. At Flex, we are able to listen to the market to get products and features that they are wanting.”

Choosing the correct light fixture for a car park is crucial for the safety and comfort of customers as well as for the regular operations. The increasing energy and labor costs make the choice even more important given that lighting can sometimes take a significant toll on the operation budget. Flex Lighting Solutions offers three fixtures, Essentials Series, Linear Series, Hosedown Series, that can adapt to the versatile needs of car parks while keeping costs down.

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