Flex Lighting Solutions Creates Beneficial Solution for Car Parks

Flex Lighting Solutions Creates Beneficial Solution for Car Parks

Parking lighting makes a significant difference in the overall customer experience, in security and in creating a smart car park. Flex Lighting Solutions, a leader in LED fixtures around the world, has created a variety of products that provide three main advantages to car park operators.

First and foremost, lighting sets the tone for drivers. When customers drive into a well-lit car park, they experience an easier navigation, helping them see obstacles better and find an available space quickly and efficiently. A good lit car park is also perceived as a safe and reliable place to leave the car.

A second advantage of proper lighting is the management and perception of safety. It isn’t only important to make drivers and pedestrians feel safe; the car park should be safe. Flex Lighting Solutions’ LED fixtures make CCTV systems more efficient by enabling security cameras to capture clear and useful footage and avoiding blind spots typically caused by inferior lighting installations. Safety will also be ensured when drivers and pedestrians can easily identify each other from distance and see where they need to go.

A third advantage to Flex Lighting Solutions’ LED fixtures is that they easily integrate to smart parking systems. They can be adapted to certain lighting schedules, so lights are dimmed in low-traffic areas at particular times. When the sensors detect movement, lights automatically brighten up the space for optimal visibility and dim again when activity is low. This will result in a reduction of electricity costs, and a better management of maximum electricity levels for the car park.

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To find out more about the right Flex LED fixture for your car park, visit www.flexlightingsolutions.com

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