Flex’s eBook Makes the Benefits of LED Lighting for Indoor Parking and Garages Clear

Flex’s eBook Makes the Benefits of LED Lighting for Indoor Parking and Garages Clear

Technology in the parking industry is constantly advancing and improving, so it is natural for parking operators to focus on the latest innovative solutions. This means the basics, such as lighting, can often be neglected. Yet, well-executed lighting can create a safer and more inviting parking facility for the driver, and selecting the right lighting can maximize energy savings and profit for the parking operator.

With this in mind, Flex Lighting Solutions, experts in the LED lighting field, have produced an eBook providing car park operators with a comprehensive guide to the benefits of proper lighting, which helps them to choose lighting most suitable for their needs.

Improved illumination of the parking facility is beneficial to parking operators for a number of reasons. Security relies on the quality, quantity, and distribution of light, without which security cameras cannot work effectively. Lighting also has a huge impact on the customer experience, as drivers often avoid parking facilities with bad lighting because they are perceived to be unsafe. Poor lighting can create issues with visibility, resulting in accidents. Drivers need to be able to see obstacles, such as columns and pedestrians, whilst pedestrians need to be able to see moving vehicles, identify their car and feel safe within the facility.

Flex Lightning Solutions Essentials Series 4.0Flex Hosedown Series 2.0

Lighting needs to be carefully installed in order to distribute light evenly, avoiding glare and optimizing contrast. Flex’s products are ideal for parking garages, which demand electronic equipment that can withstand moisture, car emissions, vibrations, impacts, and extreme temperatures. Designed to operate from -40°C to 65°C, Flex’s LED fixtures are durable and reliable in these tough environments.

Lighting accounts for 10-15% of a facility’s expenses as they often require lighting 24/7. Flex’s highly efficient LED fixtures require less wattage, offering up to 80% energy savings.They also have a longer life span, helping to reduce management costs. Even higher energy savings are possible with Flex because their LED fixtures adapt to parking activity. By integrating with occupancy sensors lights can dim automatically to a pre-selected level when no traffic (pedestrian or vehicle) is detected, or when ambient light coming from other sources is detected.
Flex lighting integrates seamlessly with smart parking systems and so lighting can be managed remotely whilst data can be collected that provide parking operators with insight to optimize their facility.

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With the benefits of lighting obvious, Flex has several products perfect for parking garages, including their Essentials Series 4.0 with the highest performance and life, the Hosedown Series with the industry’s most efficient vapor-tight fixtures and Linear Series 2.0 which is suitable for upgrading existing fluorescent fixtures. To find out more about Flex’s products take a look at the comprehensive and easy-to-read eBook today!

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Flex Lighting Solutions manufactures industrial LED lighting solutions that help businesses and property managers lower their utility bills, meet energy efficiency targets and reduce their total cost of ownership. Learn more at flexlightingsolutions.com


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