Parking is a Breeze with Frogparking Parking Guidance Technology on Sunshine Coast

Parking is a breeze with Frogparking parking guidance technology on Sunshine Coast

Frogparking’s parking guidance technology is creating a seamless parking experience for customers at Sunshine Plaza, Maroochydore, Australia.

The company won a tender to install its indoor and outdoor guidance solution at the major Sunshine Coast shopping center last year as part of a major redevelopment of the mall to improve the customer experience and journey.

Thousands of Frogparking’s latest sensors are installed to accurately monitor the activity of each and every individual parking bay, both indoors and on-grade. Over 600 guidance lights, 100 dynamic signs, and one mobile app show shopping mall users directly to an available parking space.

Frogparking’s Chief Operating Officer, Shareena Sandbrook, says that first impressions are important and a customer’s journey & parking experience sets the tone for that person’s visit to a shopping mall.

People go to a mall to go shopping, spend time with family and friends, or to enjoy a meal - not to spend time circulating the parking lot looking for a parking space. Our technology gets people parked quicker and shopping sooner by reducing the confusion and congestion in busy parking lots”, says Shareena.

A seamless parking experience is a good first impression. Customers arrive, breeze through the parking lot, are directed to an area with lots of available parking spaces, and begin their time at Sunshine Plaza in a positive state of mind - rather than frustrated and stressed after a bad experience parking.

The information is right there in front of the user from the moment they drive in, making it easy for them to choose a parking area where there are plenty of spaces. Once in an area, ultra-bright colored LED guidance lights to show where spaces are available on that floor.

It’s well known that parking guidance significantly reduces congestion around parking facilities. People spend less time “cruising” around looking for an available parking space, clearing up aisles and driving lanes of slow-moving vehicles.

Users can also check availability before arriving on Frogparking’s Mobile App, available on Apple or Android devices.

We wanted to put the parking experience into the hands of everyone and make it more user-friendly. All you need is your iPhone or Android device and an internet connection to check where parking is most available and once parked, users can activate our “Find My Car” feature so they never lose their car in a busy parking lot again. Users can also be sent targeted advertisements and offers to entice them back again”, says Shareena.

The following video shows the system in action, the benefits, and how parking is now easier than ever before at Sunshine Plaza:

About Frogparking

Frogparking delivers premium parking guidance technology so your customer has a frictionless experience that begins in the parking lot.

Frogparking is the only provider of intelligent guidance systems whose platform can be applied both indoors, outdoors, and on rooftops. Our sensors, guidance-lights, dynamic signage, mobile app and more use the latest, cutting-edge technology to give our customers an edge.

Founded in 2010, Frogparking is a rapidly growing company with an international reputation for delivering the most advanced solutions on the market. Frogparking continues to invest in building its highly skilled team of development staff including software and hardware engineers, and the research and development of leading-edge products and services for the parking market.

Frogparking is the only provider of intelligent guidance systems whose platform can be applied both indoors, outdoors, and on rooftops.

Get in touch with one of our team to discuss how our sensors, guidance-lights, dynamic signage, mobile app and more can deliver for you.


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