Get My Parking: Smart Accounts Receivable Portal for Partners and Operators

Get My Parking has introduced a new Partner User Portal

Smart parking software provider Get My Parking has introduced a new Partner User Portal to its parking management platform. The solution is designed to make account management and invoicing easier for parking operators, their partners and customers.

Parking operators usually team up with corporates or retailers to provide free or subsidized parking for their partner’s employees or visitors. The bills for these parking permits or discounts are often paid in bulk towards the end of the month by partners. Sometimes, retail partners request for validations like promo codes or discounts on their parkings, which are also usually invoiced in bulk.

Keeping the details of all the monthlies up-to-date for multiple partner accounts is a tedious task for operators. Many companies from across the parking and mobility industry still use outdated systems for Accounts and Receivables, where information has to be manually entered to generate invoices.

In the older system, the user accounts can only be edited by the operator, which means that partners have to deal with numerous back-and-forths to add new parkers, remove expired parkers or make other changes in the user database. Similarly, the total number of validations used by retail parkers would have to be counted manually, and then fed to the computer to produce mass invoices.

All this leads to disruptions and delays in the payment cycles, making account management and billing a nightmare for both operators and their partners.

The Partner User Portal is a hardware-agnostic AR system which aims to solve these problems. It is beneficial for account managers on both sides of a parking partnership, since it is a single platform with multiple customized portals through which all stakeholders can synchronize their accounts and invoices.

The solution comes with a centralized admin dashboard through which operators can automatically track the usage of the permits and validations. They can fetch specific user details from any company or account, and view comprehensive, customized reports on all their data.

Operators no longer have to manually enter user details into a software to generate bills. Instead, they can create and track validations and permits easily through the dashboard. Edits and addition of user accounts can be done in bulk. Operators can also set up automatic, scheduled bulk invoicing for partner accounts.

HRs and administrators from the partner’s side can log in to their partner portal to manage their user accounts, receive invoices and settle bills with operators. Any changes they make on the portal will reflect across the database and in future invoices automatically. They no longer have to depend on the operator to update user details for their employees, which saves time for everyone involved.

Using the Partner User Portal, employees at retail partner stores can quickly pull up parking promo codes for their customers. The customers can then use the promo code to avail discounts while paying for their parking sessions at the operator’s location. The total invoice for all the validations used by the parkers will automatically be calculated and sent to the partner retailers at the end of the preset billing cycle.

The Portal also makes it easy to migrate user accounts and details from older software, as it allows the bulk addition of details using CSV files. Since the interface is extremely user-friendly and intuitive, new users will find it easy to pick up, regardless of how comfortable they are with a digital system.

Get My Parking’s Partner User Portal is the perfect modern AR system for the parking industry, with all the user data safely encrypted in cloud storage. It can help operators maximize revenue from partnerships, while making sure all their accounts and billing information is in order. Check out our complete suite of products and services.

About Get My Parking 

Get My Parking

Get My Parking is an award-winning provider of an Interoperable Smart Parking Platform that connects all parking and mobility stakeholders on a common platform who were until now operating in silos. It comprises a team of doers with a clear mission to digitize the parking industry globally. Get My Parking (GMP) was founded in 2015 by Chirag Jain and Rasik Pansare with a vision to make every parking transaction a sub-conscious experience. With a strong foundation of the team, technology, and partnerships, GMP is creating a future-proof platform to connect the parking industry internally as well with urban mobility players.


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