Get My Parking And PCI Partner Up To Create A Cutting-Edge Parking Ecosystem

Say Hello to BREEZE!

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in revolutionizing the parking experience for PCI’s customers by making digitized parking more accessible, cost-effective, and easy to set up.

Get My Parking, a leading innovator in the parking technology industry is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Parking Concepts Inc. (PCI), an established name in the world of parking, with the launch of Breeze by PCI, a mobile platform that lets users find, use and pay for parking services. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in revolutionizing the parking experience for PCI’s customers by making digitized parking more accessible, cost-effective, and easy to set up.

The partnership brings together Get My Parking’s state-of-the-art white-labeled parking solutions and PCI’s innovative and high-quality services across an extensive portfolio of parking locations. The result is a tailor-made parking ecosystem called Breeze, seamlessly integrated with PCI’s brand. It provides a user-friendly platform for consumers to find and navigate to their locations within the network.

It’s an exciting time for parking operators looking to future-proof their traditional parking lots without spending excessive capital on new equipment. The Breeze ecosystem is perfect for asset owners looking for a quick, pocket-friendly upgrade as the platform retrofits seamlessly with existing hardware to create a lightning-fast parking experience enhanced with AI-powered license plate matching.

Breeze aims to provide a hands-on parking experience where parkers may drive in and out without pulling a ticket. Advanced LPR cameras read the license plates from afar, opening the gates instantly. With AI-assisted license plate matching, the session starts on its own upon entry and ends at departure. Breeze also has locations where you may tap a credit card at the entry to start a session and tap the card on the way out to pay instantly.

Walk-ins can scan a QR code inside the location to add a card to the session - registered users can skip this step altogether. The payment is deducted automatically from the card on file - ticketless, cashless, and simple.

In addition to parking services, the platform offers a suite of value-added features such as EV charging. You can also purchase flexible parking permits from the Breeze platform - these digital monthlies can be customized down to the minute, letting you park faster and flexibly across all of PCI’s Breeze-enabled locations.

Breeze also provides validations that are distributed at retail partner outlets around their locations. Parkers can scan a QR code at the retail branch to get an instant discount on their parking session.

In just 4 months of going live, online reservations for event parking increased exponentially by 600%. It also made things much more convenient for PCI parkers.

Rafael Abanilla, SVP of Operations & Innovation at PCI, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership: "This collaboration with Get My Parking represents a significant leap forward in our commitment to providing exceptional parking services to our clients and their parkers. We’re excited to empower asset owners across the country with an easy, streamlined parking platform that meets the evolving demands of today's urban landscape."

"We are thrilled to partner with PCI to bring this game-changing parking platform to the market," said Jordan Schware, VP of Sales at Get My Parking. "By combining our cutting-edge technology with PCI’s extensive industry experience, we are confident that we are revolutionizing how parkers interact with parking facilities, making it a seamless and convenient experience."

The partnership between PCI and Get My Parking accelerates and enhances the customer experience across a network of parking locations, making parking simpler, faster, and smarter. It’s a significant step towards making smart parking accessible and affordable for everyone in the country.

About Get My Parking

Get My Parking

Founded in 2015, Get My Parking is an award-winning startup that has grown to a team of 150+ members across five continents. It provides essential technology to parking operators – white-label parking apps, an IoT gate kit to retrofit old parking gates for modern capabilities, and an interoperable cloud platform that enables centralized and digital operations across a network of parking lots. The startup is spearheading new trends like EV charging, connected cars, and shared mobility hubs on the parking real estate with plug-n-play API integrations. The GMP platform has been deployed across 3000 parking lots across the world and has processed more than a 100 million transactions till date.

About Parking Concepts, Inc.

PCI was founded in 1974 by Gill Barnett. His “concept” was to specialize and focus on the California market and to provide exemplary service for our patrons and clients that was previously unheard of in the parking industry. This business model has created a foundation of success, with growth in multiple markets across the country, delivering exceptional results, and innovative management strategies. PCI also offers transportation services solutions under their Transportation Concepts business branch. With a client-focused approach in every division of their business operations, PCI is set to bring superior operations, innovative technology, and service-orientated staff to their valued clients and patrons alike.


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