Get My Parking Listed in Feedspot’s Top 25 Parking Blogs in the World

Get My Parking tell us how their blog began and share top tips to writing the perfect post.

Get My Parking has been listed just behind Reinventing Parking, IPMI and Parking Today in Feedspot’s top 25 parking blogs in the world. The blog was assessed based on its Google reputation, popularity on social media and the quality of its content. We spoke with Rasik Pansare, Get My Parking’s Co-Founder to find out more.

Why Did You Begin a Blog?

When we founded the company four years ago, there was no organized player in India, and so we had to create the market for our parking solution here. Once we had begun to establish the market we realized that many of our employees were lacking experience and awareness of the parking industry, and so we began sharing articles internally to ensure that everybody in our company was up to date and well informed.

We soon realized that it would be beneficial to share these articles, explaining all the basics of the parking industry, with a wider audience, and hence began the journey of posting consistently on our blog. We saw a lot of traction, with a lot of subscribers to the blog and visitors to our website, and we also found that when we met people from the industry, often they had already come across our blog.

What Is the Audience of Your Blog Now?

Our audience is mobility and transportation professionals at all stages in their careers, not just industry experts, although of course, these form part of our target audience. We write not just about parking, but smart city, payment, mobility initiatives, the future of transportation and so on. This means that our blog appeals to anyone remotely interested in a wide range of topics under the parking, mobility and transportation umbrella.

What Are The Benefits of Blogging?

The benefits are there for us as a company certainly, and the benefits are there for the industry overall. The benefits to our marketing initiative are clear: we get more visitors to our website. We are a global company and so we rely on digital media to reach our target audience. Whilst a blog wasn’t our initial focus, it has become an important medium for us to reach our target customers and it gives us credibility because when our sales team reaches out to potential customers, they are aware of our company because they have seen our blog.

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For the industry, there are a lot of companies in the United States and Europe offering paid online courses with certifications. I respect those courses, and I am grateful that they are available to our industry, but there is also another target audience out there, people who don’t really want a professional certification, who just want some basic introductory information. So that is the gap that our blog fills for the wider industry.

What Does it Mean to Have Been Listed?

It is a great achievement and a good encouragement for my marketing team. And it is really fueling our ambition and making us wonder what more can we do and what we can do differently to expand our impact. We are ranked number four in the world, and if you notice the top three blogs ahead of us, these are from media companies or associations, so we are the first parking solution provider that is ranked. So what we are doing is already the benchmark and that is a huge moment of pride for our marketing team.

What is the Key to a Good Blog Post?

The key is to remain relevant to your target audience. To do that you have to constantly ask, is my content in the right format? The answer to that will keep changing with time, for example, in 2019 it is very important that your content is concise, precise, and supported by multimedia. It is no longer enough to provide 600 words, you also need to provide photos, a video or even a gif animation to go along with it.

You also have to make sure that the language is simple to understand. We intentionally keep the language very simple because our target audience is global. If you want to reach out to a global audience the language must be very to the point, and you should provide a lot of examples and informative action points that a person can adopt for their own professional life.

There are so many things that go into making a good blog and there is no standard recipe, but these are a few things that come to my mind – being concise, precise, using multimedia and having some really original content that is informative and helpful.

What Would You Like To See in the Industry?

I would like to encourage more companies to start writing because parking is becoming central to the future of mobility. We can’t change the way that the media looks at the industry, but we can create a digital media buzz. When there are hundreds of companies writing about our industry, it creates some traction online and that goes a long way to making our industry, for lack of better words, sexy and cool. This will attract better talent, resources, investments and focus to the industry.

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