Get My Parking: How Smart Parking Enhances User Experience

Smart parking and mobile apps have a positive impact on user experience

As parking spaces in urban areas shrink, drivers end up wasting as many as 17 hours a year in the search of a parking space[1]. Finding a parking space is one of the major issues in urban areas today, worsened by the growing number of vehicles on the streets.

According to a Times of India survey, 60% of drivers on the road feel anxious and stressed due to road congestion and the process of searching for the right parking space. After driving through the city traffic, it is frustrating to search for a parking spot. Amongst drivers’ prime worries is finding a parking spot, its distance from their destination, adequate space to park, and charges. What results is a poor user experience that smart parking technology can effectively solve.

Smart Parking for a Better User Experience

Smart parking systems can save both money and time for the user, resulting in a better parking experience in densely populated areas. With real-time updates on the mobile, Easy navigation toward entry and exit points and quick payments, smart parking apps can improve the overall efficiency of the parking process.

Furthermore, instead of driving to the lot to find a spot, users can reserve their parking space even before heading to the location. From identifying empty spots to paying online, drivers can perform such actions with ease. In addition, lot owners can offer discounts to recurring customers, further improving the consumer experience.

Manual ticketing results in a waste of time for both lot operators and users. With automated parking systems, users can replace cash payments with easy online payments. Regular users can also register their card details for easy checking into the lot.

Smarter Parking Leads to Less User Frustration

In 2014, India recorded the highest ever road deaths- 16 persons per hour- with 80% of these cases being a result of stressed drivers. With smart parking apps, users cans secure a parking spot with no hassle, reducing stress levels during each commute. Road rage, accidents, stress levels, and many other troublesome situations can be tackled if smart parking solutions are implemented in the right way.

How Get My Parking Assists in Creating Superior User Experiences?

As a facility owner, your priority is ensuring your customers leave your parking lot satisfied with their experience. With Get My Parking's smart parking module, you can digitize your space and offer customers a smooth parking experience. Get a bird's eye view of your facility, identify problem areas, and manage daily operations efficiently. Choose Get My Parking's smart parking solutions for your facility.

About Get My Parking 

Get My Parking is an award-winning provider of the Interoperable Digital Parking Platform that integrates any parking equipment and connects it to mobile and cloud for a standardized seamless experience. It enables parking operators and owners to leapfrog to a customized white-label solution with their existing equipment. It essentially plays the role of connecting all parking and mobility stakeholders on a common platform who were until now operating in silos. It has a presence in over 4 countries and processes over 2 million transactions per month. It was awarded ‘Amazon AWS Mobility Startup of the Year (emerging) 2017’ in the Travel category.


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