Smarter and Faster Fleet Parking Management with Get My Parking

Get My Parking updated a new feature for Fleet Parking management

Get My Parking updated a new feature for Fleet Parking management to its white label smart parking platform. The features make it easier for parking operators to offer seamless entry, exit and automated payment to vehicles that belong to partner Fleet companies.

Companies that provide cab-hailing services, self drive rentals, food delivery or logistics usually own large fleets of vehicles that are driven by their cabbies, users or delivery drivers. Such companies usually reimburse their drivers’ parking fees and would prefer to provide quick and ticketless parking. Faster access to parking spots also means faster operations for the company, which is why many fleet owners partner with parking operators to provide certain privileges to their drivers.

Once these fleets get in touch with operators equipped with Get My Parking’s smart parking solutions, our team creates unique credentials for the fleet and its vehicles. Vehicles from the fleet can be whitelisted faster with fewer required details, making the whole process easier for the operator. They can also onboard a large number of vehicles at a time using a bulk CSV file.

Once the fleet vehicles have been onboarded, the sensors at the gate will recognize and open the barriers automatically. Admins can enable RFID, LPR, QR or other access methods for each fleet as per their preference. Fleet parkers will not have to pay for their sessions or can park at a subsidized rate, depending on the arrangement between the operator and the fleet-owner.

Usually, fleet owners pay for their parkers on a monthly basis. Mass invoices will be prepared for the entire month’s total sessions or parking minutes, and will be sent along with detailed reports to the fleet owner. But the post-session payment process does not mean that fleet vehicles can overpark for free and take up the parking space intended for other users.

Operators have the power to regulate the capacity to which Fleets use their parking space. The module allows them to set a limit to the number of vehicles from a specific fleet that are allowed inside the car park at a certain time. If the number of fleet vehicles exceeds the limit, the barrier will stop opening for their user group until one of their parkers exits the lot.

This makes it easier for the operator to regulate the quota of parking spots available for each user group, which is useful especially to car parks that rent out to multiple fleets. It also ensures that fleet vehicles do not overcrowd garages, so that a certain number of parking spaces remain vacant for transient parkers and other permit-holders. These modifications can be made through the user-friendly admin dashboard, where admins can also get customizable reports on their fleets.

With Get My Parking’s Fleet Parking management tools, operators can open new sources of income from their lots and garages, maximizing the profitability of their parking spaces.

About Get My Parking 

Get My Parking

Get My Parking is an award-winning provider of an Interoperable Smart Parking Platform that connects all parking and mobility stakeholders on a common platform who were until now operating in silos. It comprises a team of doers with a clear mission to digitize the parking industry globally. Get My Parking (GMP) was founded in 2015 by Chirag Jain and Rasik Pansare with a vision to make every parking transaction a sub-conscious experience. With a strong foundation of the team, technology, and partnerships, GMP is creating a future-proof platform to connect the parking industry internally as well with urban mobility players.


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