Get My Parking Solutions Powering the Smart Parking Revolution in India

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Get My Parking Solutions Powering the Smart Parking Revolution in India

Get My Parking has a feature-packed suite of products and services that can make mobility seamless and hassle-free across any neighborhood, town, or city. As the award-winning start-up spreads its wings across the world, Get My Parking solutions are also contributing to powering the smart parking revolution in India.

As a part of this mission, GMP has completed three smart city projects in the country, as well as successful pilots for various municipalities and government agencies including Jaipur, Vijayawada, and Khargar. The pilots were implemented in 6 different locations in Jaipur in association with the city’s development authorities, helping with not just technology but also in designing and planning street-side parking.

The successful smart parking pilot in Khargar was done in collaboration with CIDCO, a premier town planning, and infrastructure agency in order to create an efficient and parker-friendly smart ecosystem.

Get My Parking aims to make the infrastructure of all the cities efficient and digitally connected. Urban development in India cannot proceed without smart parking, and GMP solutions are tailored to work with any equipment in any context - ideal for countries like India where the rate of infrastructural development varies from region to region.

Partnering with parking operators, GMP solutions ensure increased parking revenues through efficient automation of processes and synergistic parking lot management. The various smart parking modules can work in tandem with smart city initiatives through integrated platforms of connected apps. Administrators can also enable city parking permits and offer subsidized parking rates for their citizens using GMP Permit.

Get My Parking aims to change the way parking systems have been managed till now in the country and helps state and local governments acquire city-wide macro-level data about where, when, and how many vehicles are parked. With tracking sensors, smart cards, and digital wallets, urban administrators can view citywide parking information on their dashboards, which will enhance policy-making processes. The solutions can also equip law enforcement officials with real-time data pertaining to parking and violations.

Neither paid parking nor smart parking is part of the norm in India, and most of the parking and vehicle storage that happens is unorganized. By automating the entire parking process, the GMP Platform can help governments enable services that allow citizens to reserve parking spaces in advance, locate vacant parking spots and pay online using smartphones - all of which can significantly reduce congestion on the streets and lead to a more organized parking experience.

About Get My Parking 

Get My Parking

Get My Parking is an award-winning provider of an Interoperable Smart Parking Platform that connects all parking and mobility stakeholders on a common platform who were until now operating in silos. It comprises a team of doers with a clear mission to digitize the parking industry globally. Get My Parking (GMP) was founded in 2015 by Chirag Jain and Rasik Pansare with a vision to make every parking transaction a sub-conscious experience. With a strong foundation of the team, technology, and partnerships, GMP is creating a future-proof platform to connect the parking industry internally as well with urban mobility players.


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