Get My Parking: Streamline your Partnerships with Self-Serve AR: Meet the Partner Portal

Get My Parking is excited to launch the GMP Partner Portal, an all-in-one AR solution designed for the parking industry.

The parking industry is evolving rapidly with upgrades being made to almost every step of the parking process. With quick and cost-effective ways to automate gates and smart parking software to manage sessions, permits, and transactions, operators have access to a plethora of resources to improve and streamline their parking business.

Amidst the rush to upgrade and digitize, operators often forget to streamline and improve an important part of their revenue collection process - their AR system. An efficient AR process is essential for timely invoices, regular payments, and a healthy relationship with your parking partners.

Get My Parking is excited to launch the GMP Partner Portal, an all-in-one AR solution designed for the parking industry. The Partner Portal comes with user-friendly self-serve portals for partners to control their user accounts, manage invoices and pay for permits and sessions.

Here’s what the Partner Portal can do for you and your partners:

Increase the Accuracy of Your AR2

With automated invoices and payments, the GMP Partner Portal eases the load on parking admins and reduces human error in the AR process. Admins can also update and process checks in bulk faster than ever. With a powerful dashboard for detailed analytics, operators can analyze AR aging reports, account lists, and more.

A Self-Serve Portal For Your Partners

Through the self-serve portal, your partners can receive automated invoices, add/update details of their parker accounts and make hassle-free payments via CC, Bank Debit, eCheck, ACH, Wire, etc.

Configure Must-Takes and Overage Charges

Set must-take limits for the minimum number of sessions/permits that the corporate partner has to purchase as a part of the partnership. Configure the overage amount to be charged if the number of sessions/permits/onboarded parkers exceeds the must-take value.

User-Friendly for Parkers

Corporate employees can onboard themselves by scanning the QR code in their welcome emails. Once their corporate/business profile has been created in the consumer app, they can easily access car parks where their employers provide parking privileges.

With efficient automation, seamless payments, and user-friendly interfaces, the Partner Portal is designed to increase transparency and convenience in your parking partnerships. Say goodbye to your aged AR software - streamline your corporate partnerships and increase ROI with Get My Parking’s powerful, self-sufficient AR solution.

Intrigued? Contact sales(at) for a quick demo!

About Get My Parking

Get My Parking

Founded in 2015, GMP is an award-winning startup that has grown to a team of 150+ members across five continents. It provides essential technology to parking operators – white-label parking apps, an IoT gate kit to retrofit old parking gates for modern capabilities, and an interoperable cloud platform that enables centralized and digital operations across a network of parking lots. The startup is spearheading new trends like EV charging, connected cars, and shared mobility hubs on the parking real estate with plug-n-play API integrations. The GMP platform has been deployed across 3000 parking lots across the world and has processed more than a 100 million transactions till date.


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