GO TO-U and 2hire Join Forces to Revolutionize Digital Mobility Solutions

- Rome, Italy / Los Angeles, USA
This collaboration marks a significant step forward in our commitment to advancing digital mobility solutions.

GO TO-U, a renowned leader in the world of SaaS operating systems for electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure management, is delighted to announce an exciting collaboration with 2hire, a pioneering technology company specializing in connecting and enhancing the controllability of various vehicles. This strategic partnership unites two forward-thinking companies, each committed to transforming the landscape of digital mobility solutions. 

GO TO-U has earned a distinguished reputation for its cutting-edge SaaS platform, which empowers charging infrastructure providers with unmatched capabilities. Leveraging the power of big data and machine learning, GO TO-U's platform monitors EV charging sessions, accurately predicts electricity consumption, and optimizes demand, ensuring a seamless and efficient charging experience for EV drivers worldwide. 2hire has carved a niche in the digital mobility sphere by developing technology that connects a wide range of vehicles and allows them to be controlled through user-friendly apps.

This innovation enables digital mobility solutions for various types of vehicles, including cars, scooters, mopeds, and bikes. With a global presence spanning 15 countries and over 60 cities, 2hire is dedicated to making mobility solutions accessible worldwide, with a firm belief that mobility has the power to bring people together and deserves the best solutions available. 

Key Collaborative Initiatives: 

  • Enhancing Digital Mobility: The partnership between GO TO-U and 2hire is set to elevate digital mobility solutions to new heights, making a diverse range of vehicles more accessible and controllable through user-friendly applications. 

  • Seamless Integration: By combining GO TO-U's expertise in EV charging infrastructure management with 2hire's innovative vehicle connectivity technology, this collaboration aims to create a seamless and integrated ecosystem that simplifies the way people access and utilize various forms of transportation. 

  • Global Reach: With GO TO-U's global reach in EV charging infrastructure and 2hire's extensive network of connected vehicles, the collaboration seeks to provide comprehensive and convenient mobility options to users around the world. 


“This collaboration marks a significant step forward in our commitment to advancing digital mobility solutions. By working with 2hire, we are poised to make a substantial impact on how people access and use different modes of transportation” Nazar Shymone-Davyda - CEO of GO TO-U


Filippo Agostino, CEO at 2hire, echoed the sentiment, saying, “Our mission is to make mobility accessible to everyone, and partnering with GO TO-U aligns perfectly with this goal. Together, we can offer innovative solutions that enhance the way people move around in today's fast-paced world.”

As GO TO-U and 2hire embark on this collaborative journey, they are determined to reshape the future of digital mobility, making it more convenient, efficient, and accessible to people everywhere. 

About GO TO-U

GO TO-U LogoGO TO-U was founded in 2017 to accelerate transport decarbonization by making the experience of driving and charging electric vehicles simpler, more comfortable, and more accessible. At GO TO-U we put users at the center of GO TO-U software solutions for EV charging management and operations so we can create a seamless experience for both charge point operators and drivers.

About 2hire

2hire is a leading technology company enabling mobility operators and service providers to harness the built-in technology of connected cars, digitize the user experience, and provide the newest value-added services around. With its software solutions and standardized API platform, 2hire provides the ultimate layer to communicate with all vehicles and build digital services around them. To learn more about 2hire visit: 2hire.io



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