GO TO-U Announces Strategic Partnership With EvolveCan For Enhanced EV Charging Solutions

GO TO-U, a leader in electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, is excited to announce its partnership with EvolveCan, a visionary company in the EV infrastructure sector. Uniting cutting-edge software systems and technologies, this collaboration is set to bring an entire new level of innovation and accessibility to EV charging networks.

Partnership with EvolveCan

Highlights of the Partnership

Expanded Charging Network: Leveraging EvolveCan's expertise, the partnership will significantly enhance the availability and reliability of EV charging stations.

Advanced Technology Integration: EvolveCan's state-of-the-art technology will be integrated into GO TO-U's charging solutions, promising faster and more efficient charging capabilities.

User-Centric Design: Both companies prioritize a seamless charging experience, focusing on user-friendly interfaces and high-quality customer service.

Commitment to Sustainability: This partnership strengthens both companies' efforts to support eco-friendly transportation. GO TO-U and EvolveCan are working together to make travel better for the environment.

Future Development: Initial pilot projects in key urban areas are planned, aiming to establish a comprehensive EV charging ecosystem.

Through this partnership, GO TO-U and EvolveCan are set to transform the EV charging landscape, offering trail-blazing solutions that cater to needs of EV users.

GO TO-U and EvolveCan are two pioneering companies in the electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure sector, playing a significant role in shaping the future of sustainable transportation.

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Mission and Vision: GO TO-U is dedicated to enhancing the EV charging experience. Our goal is to address major challenges in the electric vehicle market by making charging stations comfortable, reliable, and simple to use.

Services: GO TO-U provides a range of EV charging solutions, aimed at both private and public usage. They emphasize ease of use and reliability in their services.

Market Presence: With a growing network of charging stations, GO TO-U is expanding its footprint in various regions, contributing to the development of a comprehensive EV charging infrastructure.


Technological Innovation: EvolveCan stands out for its advanced technology in the EV sector. They focus on developing advanced charging technologies that promise faster and more efficient charging capabilities.

Sustainability Focus: At the core of EvolveCan's ethos is a commitment to a sustainable future. They aim to promote greener transportation solutions through their revolutionary products and services.

Collaboration and Growth: EvolveCan is known for collaborating with other industry leaders to enhance the EV charging landscape, working together to contribute to the broader goal of global environmental sustainability.

Together, GO TO-U and EvolveCan are spearheading the evolution of the EV charging infrastructure, building an era where electric vehicles become not just a choice, but an undeniable and accessible reality for a diverse range of users.

About GO TO-U

GO TO-U LogoGO TO-U was founded in 2017 to accelerate transport decarbonization by making the experience of driving and charging electric vehicles simpler, more comfortable, and more accessible. At GO TO-U we put users at the center of GO TO-U software solutions for EV charging management and operations so we can create a seamless experience for both charge point operators and drivers.



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