Experience the Future Of Electric Vehicle Charging With GO TO-U Hubs

Welcome to GO TO-U Hubs, where we redefine the concept of electric vehicle (EV) charging.

Welcome to GO TO-U Hubs, where we redefine the concept of electric vehicle (EV) charging. Our hubs are more than just a place to charge your car; they are innovative lifestyle destinations designed to provide EV drivers with unparalleled convenience, efficiency, and enjoyment.


Convenient, Confident, and Comprehensive

Each GO TO-U Hub is crafted to ensure that every visit is smooth and seamless. Forget the hassle of searching for an available charger. With our advanced reservation technology, you can reserve a charging spot at your convenience, ensuring that a station is available upon your arrival without any waiting time. This technology not only saves you time but also optimizes the usage of charging stations, promoting an even load distribution that enhances station efficiency and reliability.

How Advanced Reservation Technology for EV Chargers is Game-Charging


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A Lifestyle Revolution

Imagine pulling into a GO TO-U Hub and stepping into a realm where time spent charging your vehicle becomes an opportunity for relaxation and enjoyment. Each hub is designed as a lifestyle sanctuary where you can unwind or engage in a variety of leisure activities. Whether you want to grab a coffee or just relax in a comfortable setting, you can do it all at a GO TO-U Hub. It’s not merely about waiting for your car to charge; it’s about enhancing your life one charge at a time.

Inside Hub

At GO TO-U, we believe that the time spent during charging should be productive and enjoyable. That's why our hubs are equipped with facilities that cater to both your needs and pleasures. From cozy lounges and free Wi-Fi to cafes, every element is designed to provide value-added experiences. You can conduct meetings, finish up work, or connect with friends and family; all while your EV charges in the background.

A New Level of EV Charging

GO TO-U Hubs bring you the future of EV charging today. With cutting-edge technology and customer-focused amenities, GO TO-U creates a charging ecosystem that epitomizes efficiency and luxury. This is not just about powering vehicles; it's about empowering lifestyles. With GO TO-U Hubs, you step into a world where electric vehicle charging is integrated seamlessly into your life, letting you focus on what matters most.

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About GO TO-U

GO TO-U LogoGO TO-U was founded in 2017 to accelerate transport decarbonization by making the experience of driving and charging electric vehicles simpler, more comfortable, and more accessible. At GO TO-U we put users at the center of GO TO-U software solutions for EV charging management and operations so we can create a seamless experience for both charge point operators and drivers.


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