VivaDrive Has Entered Into a Partnership with GO TO-U to Support Companies in Efficient Fleet Electrification

- Warsaw, Poland/Los Angeles, USA
Cooperation with GO TO-U within the PZU iFlota EV ecosystem enables customers to access GO TO-U’s platform and other products and services for fleet electrification

VivaDrive, a leading European provider of fleet electrification solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with GO TO-U Inc to support businesses in response to the increasing demand for fleet electrification services.

PZU in cooperation with VivaDrive facilitates the introduction of electric cars into Polish companies. As part of the PZU iFlota fleet management system, PZU and VivaDrive offer corporate clients a solution that guides them step by step through the process of introducing electric vehicles and managing them.

GO TO-U is a platform for EV charging management and operations. It provides a complete end-to-end solution to unlock the potential of low-carbon mobility, including a Back Office system for operators of the EV charging stations and a mobile application for EV drivers.

Cooperation with GO TO-U within the PZU iFlota EV ecosystem enables customers to access GO TO-U’s platform and other products and services for fleet electrification, which helps to optimize utilization of EV charging stations with GO TO-U advance reservation technology, increase revenue with GO TO-U dynamic price setting and location-based marketing tools and reduce companys’ carbon footprint with GO TO-U data insights on the impact of EV charging. “We are very excited to work together with VivaDrive to bring new innovative solutions for fleet electrification." – said Nazar Shymone-Davyda, Co-Founder and CEO of GO TO-U.

VivaDrive is a leading European mobility and cleantech startup that assists companies in integrating electric vehicles into their fleets and managing them efficiently. VivaDrive's solutions are designed to support the development of fleet electrification plans, assess the suitability of charging sites, estimate the cost of infrastructure installation, and reduce transportation emissions.

As the fleet industry undergoes a rapid transformation towards sustainability, VivaDrive is equipping fleet professionals with the tools to transform their companies into efficient and environmentally conscious organizations. Our fleet EV recommendation process results in an audit report that identifies which vehicles can be replaced with EVs, which drivers are suited for EVs, and what gaps exist in the charging infrastructure for a given fleet. "We are excited to partner with GO TO-U in their mission to accelerate transport decarbonization," said Mateusz Maj, CEO of VivaDrive

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About GO TO-U

GO TO-U LogoGO TO-U is an operating system for managing and monetizing charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. The company is leveraging big data and machine learning to monitor EV charging sessions, predict electricity consumption, and optimize the demand from EV drivers. With a dynamic reservation at the core, GO TO-U makes the EV charging process reliable, efficient, and sustainable.

About VivaDrive

VivaDrive assists companies in incorporating electric vehicles into their fleets. The system conducts in-depth analyses and simulations for various scenarios regarding the introduction of new charging infrastructure and develops a comprehensive business case for implementation that takes into account the company's transportation needs, vehicles, and drivers. The outcome is a business model for the company's electric vehicle deployment and an implementation plan. Once a company decides to fully or partially transition to electric vehicles, VivaDrive assists in managing both the electric and traditional vehicles in the fleet, as well as the charging infrastructure.

Contact Information:

Fabian Rządkowski, Head of Communications at VivaDrive


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