Grass Coated Green-Roofed Parking Garage Concept for Tokyo

Shinjuku Gardens is a new concept for the urban parking garage that looks to transform the typical parking lot into a multi-functional development, complete with an inhabitable rooftop garden. As space comes at a premium in Japan - with public parks are even harder to come by - green spaces require creativity if they are to make their way into the dense urban fabric. As a response to the shortage, Cheungvogl has proposed the Shinjuki Gardens, a grass-walled, two story parking garage that provides a public park space on its roof, without the sacrifice of a profitable place for business activities.
The two-story parking garage would take the place of a ground level parking lot, thus doubling the amount of available parking. Cheungvogl estimates that infrastructural investment to build the garage would more than pay for themselves through increased revenue from the additional spots. Not only green and gorgeous on the outside, but the inside parking garage walls and pillars would be painted by young artists as a sort of living museum, and the harsh fluorescent lighting characteristic of these lots would be replaced with more cheerful neon lights.

In feudal times in Japan, the creation public parks and garden spaces was banned by the leaders, as such, public parks in Tokyo come at a premium. This new typology for the parking garage could infuse extra green space into the city by elevating a public park to the rooftop while also giving way to a more efficient green roofed structure. Special planters surrounding the garage could then be used to grow vertical fields of grass, thus replacing the typical unattractive facade of concrete parking garages. Moreover, wide-range use of the living green wall would also benefit the city by filtering the air.


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