Greenscape Update on Denver Parking Operations

Vancouver, B.C., - Greenscape Capital Group Inc. (“Greenscape”) TSX‐V: ‐ GRN is pleased to provide an update on its Canopy Airport Parking operation located at the Denver International Airport in Denver, Colorado.  The Canopy facility is a state-of-the art sustainable parking facility that was completed in 2010 on budget and ahead of schedule.

Announcement Highlights:

  • Occupancy rates significantly accelerating 
  • Average daily parked car count in June more than 2300 or 55% occupancy 
  • Financing terms with both Wells Fargo and Maxam Opportunities Fund LP  improved

Occupancy rates at Canopy are increasing at an accelerating rate as a result of a superior product offering and a strong marketing platform.  For the period January 2012 through May 2012 actual occupancy improved to 40% from 19% last year for the same period.  May 2012 occupancy was 47% occupancy compared to 28% last year.   For the partial month of June, it is already averaging 55% compared to 35% last year.  The improving performance makes us confident that Propark’s (our parking lot manager and financial partner) forecasts for 2012 of average overall occupancy for the year of 53% will be achieved and that forecasts in subsequent years of 70% to 80% occupancy should be achievable as well.   

While growth at the facility is substantial, the company has experienced financial pressure due to the high leverage required by the company to complete construction.  On that note, Greenscape is pleased to announce improved debt terms with both major lenders; Wells Fargo and Maxam Opportunities Fund LP. Wells Fargo has reduced its liquidity covenant and Maxam has deferred two principal payments. Additionally, key shareholders of Greenscape who have loaned the company funds have agreed to accrue interest on loans to reduce monthly cash flow needs.  Greenscape continues to work with some of the company’s largest shareholders to cover future anticipated cash needs until the company receives improved income from the parking operation which is targeted to cover all cash needs and provide significant monthly profit.  Minimum anticipated cash needs to reach positive cash flow is estimated at $1.2 million if existing high cost unsecured debt is converted to equity.  The company is negotiating with key debt holders to convert to common equity and these negotiations are anticipated to complete shortly.

The construction of the Denver parking facility was highly leveraged but will be reduced with this debt conversion.  Overall the company is pleased that the improved occupancy is indicating that the forecasts are on track and the resulting cash flow should soon be sufficient to cover all debt payments from secured lenders. This validates the company’s initial investment mandate as to providing a superior product at Denver via the world’s greenest parking facility; a parking facility that utilizes significantly less energy than competitive products and operates to the highest industry standards.  

Update on Capital West Sale Process

As we announced earlier this year, we had Capital West explore the market to see if it was advantageous to Greenscape to sell the parking lot at this earlier stage.  While this process is ongoing, our conclusion is that it may be premature to consider selling the facility until the overall occupancy is between 60% and 70%. This higher occupancy will demonstrate that the parking facility has firmly established a competitive position in the local parking market as the competition has occupancies in the range 65% to 75%.  With this type of occupancy then Greenscape would expect to target an attractive selling price in the range of $50 million using a 12% discount rate or up to $60 million or more if we can convert the property to freehold and the market discount rate improves. Alternatively if Greenscape decides to hold the facility for the long term, the cash flow will readily support all the debt and potentially provide a good dividend if we adopt a dividend policy instead of investing for growth.

About Greenscape

Greenscape Capital Group increases environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and profitability of companies and their operations. Greenscape is focused on dramatically increasing the profitability of commercial facilities through enhanced energy efficiency and environmental best practices. When opportunities arise, Greenscape also invests in other companies that operate in the environmental space, providing strategic capital and business advisory services to assist companies in achieving their environmental and corporate goals.

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