Secure Around the World: Schreiner PrinTrust Develops High-Security ((rfid))-Windshield Label

Schreiner PrinTrust High-Security ((rfid))-Windshield Label

Toll road operators, parking lot managers and service providers in fleet management need quick and reliable vehicle identification and authorization verification for monitoring access to protected areas so as to enable efficient electronic billing. For this, maximum security is required when it comes to accessing sensitive areas or transferring confidential data. In response to these requirements Schreiner PrinTrust has developed the new "Global Secure" version of the tried and tested ((rfid))-Windshield Label product family.

The new RFID label closes a gap in ultra-high frequencies. Up to now, encrypted transmissions and security chips were only possible over short ranges with HF RFID technology. The ((rfid))-Windshield Label Global Secure offers dynamic 128-bit AES encrypted UHF-RFID-communication between labels and readers. Another 128-bit AES key of the unique authentication feature ensures that only original labels are used. Vehicles can be authenticated with counterfeit-proof security chips, thus also enabling road toll payment and access monitoring for sensitive areas. For the first time ever high security requirements in traffic management can be met with passive UHF technology - without the need for batteries.

In addition, the product offers all the benefits known from the tried and tested ((rfid))-Windshield Label family of Schreiner PrinTrust: maximum performance and 100% reliable data transmission over several meters, high-quality product compound and comprehensive individualization options thanks to advanced printing procedures. On request, Schreiner PrinTrust can also provide customized versions of the ((rfid))-Windshield Label Global Secure, for instance with individual dimensions or special security features.

About Schreiner PrinTrustSchreiner PrinTrust

Schreiner PrinTrust is a specialist in the fields of security and authentication. We develop and distribute customized functional and security labels for authentication, anti-tampering protection and automatic identification.

System suppliers, card producers, suppliers of government solutions and security printers use our products to offer innovative security and authentication solutions to government institutions, banks, telecommunication companies, service providers and brand owners.


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