Reducing the Risk of Car Park Fires: Introducing S.A.F.E. by Highlight Parking Systems Ltd.

Reducing the Risk of Car Park Fires

In bustling urban landscapes, car parks play a vital role in the daily lives of millions, offering a convenient solution for vehicle storage. However, these spaces can pose an unexpected and potentially catastrophic risk – the threat of fire. Fires in car parks can erupt from a range of causes, including petrol and diesel vehicles, as well as the increasingly popular electric vehicles (EVs). Recognizing the urgency of addressing this issue, Highlight Parking Systems Ltd. has taken a ground-breaking step in the form of their Smoke and Fire Early Warning System (S.A.F.E.) – an AI-based solution that promises to detect smoke and fire in mere seconds, drastically reducing response times from minutes to seconds.

The Fire Hazard in Car Parks

Car parks, both above and below ground, are rife with flammable materials, and with hundreds of vehicles parked in close proximity, the risk of fire is ever-present. Traditional internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEVs) powered by petrol and diesel present fire hazards due to fuel leakage, overheating engines, and electrical faults.

While EVs are often viewed as environmentally friendly, their lithium-ion batteries come with their own set of fire-related concerns. While rare, thermal runaway events in these batteries can result in extremely high-temperature fires that are challenging to extinguish. Given their growing popularity, addressing EV-related fire risks is crucial.

The Need for Rapid Detection

One common issue in car park safety is the time it takes to detect and respond to fires. Traditional detection systems may take many minutes to raise an alarm, precious minutes that can be the difference between a manageable incident and a devastating disaster. Some fires escalate so quickly that by the time detection systems kick in, it may be too late to prevent extensive damage or loss of life.

Introducing S.A.F.E. by Highlight Parking Systems Ltd.

Highlight Parking Systems Ltd. has made a significant stride toward improving car park safety by introducing their Smoke and Fire Early Warning System (S.A.F.E.). This AI-based system utilizes camera feeds to detect smoke and fire in mere seconds, thanks to cutting-edge AI algorithms. This dramatic reduction in response time promises to mitigate fire-related risks significantly.

Upon detecting a potential fire, S.A.F.E. is equipped to alert users immediately via various channels, including sirens, email, and text messages. This rapid alert system ensures that both vehicle owners and car park management can take swift action, contacting emergency services or addressing the issue before it escalates.

S.A.F.E.. detecting smoke on a tablet

S.A.F.E.. detecting smoke on a tablet

Environmental and Safety Benefits

The benefits of S.A.F.E. extend beyond rapid fire detection. By responding swiftly to fires, the system can significantly reduce environmental damage caused by car park fires, such as air pollution, toxic smoke, and property damage. Furthermore, rapid fire response enhances the safety of car park users and first responders, minimizing the risk of injury or loss of life.


Car parks have long been an integral part of urban infrastructure, providing essential vehicle storage. However, the potential risks associated with fires in these facilities cannot be ignored. Fires can start in a matter of seconds and escalate quickly, making early detection and response imperative.

Parking Systems Ltd.'s S.A.F.E. offers a promising solution by harnessing AI and camera technology to detect smoke and fire within seconds. This innovative system not only reduces response times but also minimizes environmental damage and enhances the safety of car park users. In an era of ever-evolving urbanization, the need for advanced fire detection systems in car parks is paramount, and S.A.F.E. serves as a beacon of progress in addressing this critical issue.

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