HUB Provide Jupiter for Mater Dei Hospital: Digital Parking and Medical Excellence

- Rome, Italy
The management of the facilities strongly believe in all-round digital evolution, to improve patients services starting from the booking

In the Parioli district of Rome, the private hospitals Mater Dei and Paideia are a reference of excellence for healthcare not only in the capital city, but also in central and southern Italy.

The management of the facilities strongly believe in all-round digital evolution, to improve patients services starting from the booking. In fact, digital services dedicated to patients include remote video consulting with specialized medical staff, and access to the clinic's private parking lot with electronic booking and QR code. The latter is made possible by the integration of the clinic's appointment booking system with JMS software, which communicates with the Jupiter system installed at the car park.

For patients, nothing could be easier than reserving a space for their vehicle at the same time as booking the visit: the clinic's management system records the appointment, communicates with JMS, and generates a stall reservation for the same date and time as the visit.

    private hospitals Mater Dei and Paideia    private hospitals Mater Dei and Paideia

The patient receives a QR code to present at the entrance of the parking lot: no risk of losing a paper ticket or waiting at the entrance behind many cars queuing for a ticket. The incoming Jupiter station recognizes the QR code, sends a confirmation to the clinic management via the JMS interface, and the facility staff is informed in real-time of the parking occupancy status.

Digital parking management greatly simplifies the work of clinic staff, who are able at any time to monitor the area, check the availability of spaces, and query the system to extract data and statistics useful for making informed decisions. Data mining at its best!

HUB Italia is proud to have facilitated, with Jupiter and JMS, the digital evolution at the service of patients and facilities.

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