Free Flow Parking at Legoland New York and Legoland Windsor with HUB Parking Technology

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Legoland New York and Legoland Windsor

For kids, going to their dream park is among the most unforgettable experiences…and often, that’s the same for adults too!

One rather forgettable experience should be the process of getting in and getting out, that is: finding a parking spot, paying for it, and queuing to exit the park, at the end of an exciting yet (likely) exhausting day.

With HUB free flow parking solutions, this process is as easy as a breeze – and a successful one too, as Legoland New York and Legoland Windsor resorts can prove. Watch our video here!

Merlin EntertainmentsLet’s take a step back for a moment: both resorts are owned by Merlin Entertainments, a global leader in creating kids and adults’ magical memories within a wide variety of theme parks. All of their theme parks welcome high volumes of visitors, and the relevant traffic peaks especially during the holiday period and weekends.

Merlin Entertainments installed a basic parking system in 2009 across several of their UK parks. 10 years on, they issued a tender to update the method of operation with a more integrated and technologically advanced solution, using LPR to enhance their visitor’s experience.

In 2020 HUB Parking announced a global framework agreement with Merlin Entertainments and started working on Thorpe Park.

Merlin wanted a smooth experience for their visitors, whilst also getting the most out of their parking assets. It was important for them that the user experience be easy, quick, and efficient whilst reducing any potentially lost revenue. That’s where HUB UK, then HUB US team came onboard, closely studying the traffic flows, ticketing processes, system configurations, and operational practices.

Free flow parking was then the choice: Jupiter system, with JMS software integrating LPR camera flow, ticketing system (Accesso) and mobile app pre-booking.

Entry lanes are fully free flow, while exit lanes equipped with barriers and exit units with LPR and Chip & Pin.

We’re specially happy with the integration of the ticketing system Accesso

We’re specially happy with the integration of the ticketing system Accesso: visitors can purchase their ticket in advance via mobile app, or online, or even onsite. In all cases the integration with HUB JMS software enables the staff to analyze and provide analytics back on each parking ticket, when it was used, and the duration of the visit. These data were previously not gathered, and now provide solid statistics for the Merlin team on their visitor behavior patterns – hence opportunities to be more effective and successful in their offer.

We’ll deep dive the Legoland Windsor project with a dedicated case study soon. Head now to our video for a preview!

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HUB Parking Technology is the Business Unit of the FAAC Group that develops software and intelligent mobile solutions produces, installs, and supplies hardware and after-sales services for the professional management of paid parking spaces. HUB Parking Technology offers flexibility, competence, and personalized and widespread assistance at a local level, combined with the capacity, network, and strength of a global operator. Over the years, the company has constantly innovated to develop state-of-the-art systems and integrated value-added solutions that make parking efficient for users, and profitable, and easy for operators to manage. 

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