HUB Parking Technology: Parking Done Right for Towns and Urban Sites

Parking Done Right for Towns and Urban Sites

Municipalities and city governments face the challenge of transitioning their mobility and infrastructure services toward a better and more sustainable experience for citizens.

Mobility is becoming less siloed and more interconnected than ever. Let’s see what city planners and transportation experts should consider, to facilitate city mobility:

  • transport apps, and other services that make parking more convenient for customers
  • adaptable physical space to operate, which is an increasingly scarce resource in densifying cities. According to Deloitte, approximately 66% of the world’s population will be living in urban environments by 2050, and they will all need to move around as they prefer.
  • Last mile mobility carefully schemed out. City commuters are more and more likely to plan their journey ahead, by plotting out different forms of transit, for each step.
  • Optimization of the occupancy and rotation index of their actual parking space

Cities will want to create development patterns and seek more synergy between on-street parking, off-street offering, and transport services. To piece it all together, and achieve successful parking operations, cities will need to choose those technology providers and parking management systems that can adapt to mobility mindset changes and contribute to the development of smart cities.

Here’s a suggestion: us at HUB Parking Technology!

Parking done right for towns and urban sites

Over 70 Municipalities across the globe have adopted HUB’s solutions to provide a seamless parking experience to both commuters and local drivers.

Contact us to take full control of multi-parking sites with centralized operations, collect real-time data, and allow responsive and satisfactory customer service >>

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HUB Parking Technology is the Business Unit of the FAAC Group that develops software and intelligent mobile solutions produces, installs, and supplies hardware and after-sales services for the professional management of paid parking spaces. HUB Parking Technology offers flexibility, competence, and personalized and widespread assistance at a local level, combined with the capacity, network, and strength of a global operator. Over the years, the company has constantly innovated to develop state-of-the-art systems and integrated value-added solutions that make parking efficient for users, and profitable, and easy for operators to manage. 

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