HUB Presents the Most Elegant Company Car Park in France

Sephora Global HQ in Neuilly-sur-Seine Gets a Parking Makeover

- Neuilly sur Seine, France
Sephora Global Headquarters in Neuilly-sur-Seine - Black & white parking equipment

Black and white is always classy, and a winner when it comes to make a brand stay forever in the audience minds. Needless to say, at Sephora headquarters in France, the parking equipment is fully branded in black and white: impeccably elegant, and smart too!

With exceptional growth and a presence in 34 countries around the world, Sephora has inaugurated its new Global Headquarters in Neuilly sur Seine, west of Paris. HUB has partnered with Horus Park, the parking division of Groupe Horus, to equip the site with top-notch customized hardware, LPR cameras and a future-proof integration with Sephora employee app. Thanks to JMS management software, the app allows employees to check the occupancy of the company car park, book and exchange assigned lots within an actual "Bourse au parking", making it a completely ticketless site.


The international hub supports all Sephora activities, with a special emphasis on training for employees, and a dedicated “store lab” simulating the shopping experience of local retail spaces. Located on rue d’Ybry, the 15,000-square-meter HQ spans eight levels and welcomes over 700 employees, who reach the workplace mostly with their own vehicles. Their transport habits and preferences might vary over time, depending on the temporary assignments, holidays, business trips, making it a challenge to keep the company parking and the surrounding city streets free from traffic, and from the stress of finding a parking space.

Embracing the digitization of work, the evolution of urban mobility and its associated services, Sephora searched then a flexible and fully monitorable solution that could align to the dynamism and creativity synonymous with the Maison - and to the expectations of its employees.


Sephora has made a significant technological investment by equipping the Ybry headquarters with new IT equipment capable of meeting future connectivity needs, but also of offering optimal digital mobility to its internal teams. A specific application has been developed to enable Sephora’s internal news to be distributed continuously on the mobile phones equipped for employees at headquarters.

The Ybry app also makes it easier to book collective spaces, offer online services, and ultimately encourages a collective spirit: for instance, it gives employees who go on holiday or travel the opportunity to lend their parking spaces to their colleagues thanks to the “Bourse au Parking” functionality, a sort of parking lot auction.

Such functionality requires an optimal and timely management of the parking bays, granting real-time updates to users and immediate access to the parking occupancy data for the facility staff and IT support teams.

Client Requirements

  • Seamless integration with Bourse au Parking app for a live update of the parking occupancy
  • Complete management, monitoring and real-time reporting of the parking
  • State-of-the-art management system, with an intuitive graphical interface
  • Ticketless solution enabled by License Plate Reading (LPR) cameras
  • Scalable and robust systems with low maintenance requirements and operating costs
  • Customized housing for the cabinets and displays to align with the company branding
  • Maintenance contract managed by Horus Park, granting 24/7 enhanced security
  • Reliable and scalable equipment, to simplify the access and egress


A critical objective of the parking systems’ installation was to deliver a dynamic and immediately available update, at the employees’ fingertips: hence, complete and flawless integration of the parking occupancy data with their Ybry app.

The app principle is simple: it allows employees who have a dedicated parking space (residents) to be able to free it up when they are absent; also, it allows occasional (non-resident) Sephora drivers to book a parking space on time when they need it. The communication between the parking equipment and the company app is enabled by HUB management software: through JMS External Services, occupancy data are fed to the IT interface of the app in real-time. 

Hub Parking black and white -SEPHORA GLOBAL HQ

In parallel with cutting-edge digital services, HUB equipment allowed a high degree of flexibility and customization on the hardware, going so far as to embody the company logo and iconic visual identity within the full-color graphic interfaces. HUB automated Sephora parking area with customized devices including entry stations, exit stations and barriers. The lane stations are supervised with CCTV cameras and fitted with Intercoms, so as to grant all drivers 24/7 security and timely assistance. Overall, the parking site comprises of over 250 bays and is completely ticketless, thanks to the License Plate reading cameras that recognize and grant access/egress to registered vehicles only.

To ensure the smoothest installation, HUB partnered once again with Horus Park, the division of Groupe Horus dedicated to professional parking solutions: their field-proven expertise and technology capabilities proved fundamental in meeting the project deadlines, and exceeding customer expectations.

Following the installation, HUB was assigned an AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract), fully comprehensive of spare parts and call-out partnership with Horus Park: such a forward-looking assistance service empowers the facility management to run the entire facility smoothly and continuously, maximizing both the life and performance of the system while protecting their investment. HUB parking solution will enable Sephora to scale and include additional functionalities, easily accommodating future requirements.

The access to the workplace should be a quick operation, completely free from stress. That is the case with the parking system installed by HUB and operated by Horus Park, which meets the impeccable quality standards of the new location of our Global Headquarters. The automated system is integrated with our company app, de facto making it effortless for employees to access the parking area and increase the rotation of free slots upon request. Making it easier to get to work and commute, also contributes to increase the overall productivity and the attractiveness of the workplace. We are happy of the responsive service provided by Horus Park, and the overall assistance by HUB Parking Technology.” Sephora Management

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