Transforming Retail Excellence: Broadwalk Mall's Parking Revolution with HUB Parking and RIANA Group Share

Broadwalk Mall's Parking Revolution

In the heart of Nairobi's vibrant Westlands area, Broadwalk Mall has emerged as a retail excellence point, offering unparalleled shopping experiences, entertainment, and exclusive events. Recognizing the pivotal role of seamless technology integration, security, and modernized parking experiences, the Mall embarked on a transformation journey with HUB Parking Technology, in collaboration with our trusted partner Riana Group.

The project aimed to revolutionize the parking infrastructure, ensuring it aligns with evolving customer expectations and contemporary threats without disrupting the cherished shopping experience. Nestled across three underground levels, the mall's parking infrastructure features 5 lanes, 2 payment points, and a total of 363 parking spaces.

Since late 2022, HUB Parking management systems have been seamlessly integrated into Broadwalk Mall, thanks to the collaborative efforts of HUB Dubai team and Riana Group, a longstanding partner with a proven track record in implementing parking solutions across East Africa.

The client's requirements were clear and ambitious:

  • Simplified access for mall visitors, staff, and residents
  • Streamlined and efficient parking system
  • Integration with camera-based License Plate Recognition system (LPR, or ANPR)
  • Automation capability for key processes
  • Rigorous measures for vehicle entry control
  • Introduction of HUB's Jupiter system, among others

optimizing the parking experience through solutions designed to simplify access, maximize space, and ensure an organized environment.The results have been remarkable. Broadwalk Mall effectively manages parking for over 1,200
daily users
, optimizing the parking experience through solutions designed to simplify access, maximize space, and ensure an organized environment. The implementation of rigorous vehicle entry control measures, including barriers and spike barriers, has enhanced security and minimized the risk of unauthorized vehicle access.

The commitment to seamless parking, security, and innovation has streamlined operations, resulting in minimal vehicular traffic flow and reduced wait times. Broadwalk Mall has successfully positioned itself as a popular destination for shoppers, staff, and tenants alike.

This successful transformation is not only a testament to the power of innovative HUB Parking solutions but also highlights the significance of strategic partnerships. Collaborating with Riana Group has accelerated the adoption of smart parking solutions in Africa, addressing not only security challenges but also elevating the overall shopping experience.

The Broadwalk Mall project serves as a pioneering installation in an African shopping mall, showcasing the impact of forward-thinking collaborations and cutting-edge parking solutions in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the shopping mall and retail sector.

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HUB Parking Technology is the Business Unit of the FAAC Group that develops software and intelligent mobile solutions produces, installs, and supplies hardware and after-sales services for the professional management of paid parking spaces. HUB Parking Technology offers flexibility, competence, and personalized and widespread assistance at a local level, combined with the capacity, network, and strength of a global operator. Over the years, the company has constantly innovated to develop state-of-the-art systems and integrated value-added solutions that make parking efficient for users, and profitable, and easy for operators to manage. 

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