ZEAG P900 Upgrade Offer

The ZEAG P900 has been a highly successful product range for Zeag since 1994 when it was first introduced to the parking  arket. Several hundred installationsP900 PK still span some 30 countries worldwide which, is a great indication as to the quality of Zeag products.
As with all older technology, parts are becoming harder to source and are taking much longer to repair than usual. Whilst the major ZEAG P900 components have been out of production for some time now, Zeag have come to a point where it is no longer possible to provide other items, such as software updates.
The last peripheral software version capable of supporting ZEAG P900 equipment is version 2.15. The newer peripheral software versions will not run on the ZEAG P900 line of products and this means Zeag will not be able to support software versions for the ZEAG P900 any longer.
Zeag know that owners and operators of Car Parks demand more information and features from their parking revenue systems and the dated ZEAG P900 range has limited closed system features and today, with new business requirements we know that the ZEAG P900 systems cannot deliver these.
The proven ZEAG OrionXR System can. 
To assist existing owners and operators of ZEAG P900 systems, Zeag is announcing an upgrade program to migrate users from dated ZEAG P900 systems to the latest ZEAG OrionXR system. In order to participate in future software upgrades, along with gaining new functionality and qualifying for support, the ZEAG P900 equipment will now need to be upgraded to the newer ZEAG OrionXR  range of products.
Benefits to you of upgrading to the new ZEAG OrionXR are:
* Access to up to date, state-of-the-art proven technology. For example, Zeag's Management System Software (ZMS) has new features that are available.
* More open system architecture which means easier integration with other third party systems such as bay guidance systems, ANPR systems, pre-booking  systems and individual space monitoring systems.
* Efficiency and Reliability increases which leads to less downtime, more uptime and more revenue
* Performance increases
* Compatibility with other systems improves.
* A wider range of payment technologies are now available which means ease of use for car parkers leading to enhanced customer service.
* In the event of breakdown, there is less downtime due to higher availability of spares
* Faster, more useful information to enable better business decisions
* Easier system management due to more standard technology being used.

If you wish to upgrade from the ZEAG P900 to the new ZEAG OrionXR, we are prepared to offer special conditions, to support and encourage the migration process.
This offer is only limited for a certain amount of time - which ends on 31st October 2010.


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