Innovation is Key to the Successful Partnership Between INDECT and Parking Guidance Systems LLC

Innovation Is Key to the Successful Partnership Between INDECT and Parking Guidance Systems LLC

When Parking Guidance Systems, LLC (PGS) first opened its doors, their biggest challenge was sorting through all the available guidance technologies and choosing the best line of products to represent. Being new to the industry, they understood their early choices would play an important role in shaping their image and future reputation. PGS chose INDECT because they were impressed with their expertise, product range and proven success worldwide.

There were four key areas that set INDECT apart from their competitors,” said Derek Frantz, Head of Business Development at PGS. “Their ability to tailor unique solutions, the exceptional quality of their products, their commitment to ongoing innovation and the fact they are future ready.

Other parking guidance companies tend to offer one technology and then attempt to use this to solve all problems. With the INDECT parking guidance suite, PGS can create unique solutions by matching their clients with a product and technology that best suits their needs. From small parking lots requiring simple vehicle counts to multideck garages with numerous restricted areas and changeable zones, an INDECT system can be built to match.

We are able to fully customize the system’s appearance with specific colors, logos, and casings to suit our customers’ individual branding requests,” said Frantz. “This is something we are unable to do with competing products.”

PGS is serious about quality,” said Dale Fowler, President of INDECT USA. “They wanted to know where the products were manufactured, what materials were used and how durable our components were. They definitely did their research before bringing us on board.

All INDECT parts are manufactured in Europe where the production line is controlled end to end leaving no room for third-party error. Prior to entering the USA market, INDECT invested substantial time and energy adapting their European parts to comply with USA requirements. This involved creating UL certified components and modifying metric parts to imperial measurements.

Understanding our client’s needs and exceeding expectations are two of our core values at PGS. We were impressed by INDECT’s dedication and commitment to the American market as well as their willingness to listen and adapt to customer feedback,” said Frantz.

Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us,” said Fowler. “Sometimes we add devices to the system that have nothing to do with parking guidance but are simply good for the client. For example, we recently introduced the option of Bluetooth beacons to aid in people tracking and pedestrian guidance.”

The most recent client-inspired innovations include: integrating people counting software so clients can have a better understanding of how people come and go in their garage and the addition of fisheye security cameras to allow foot security and greater video coverage.

From their first collaborative project in 2014, INDECT and PGS have seen the completion of 40 successful projects with a further 16 underway. Some of the most recent projects include Houston Bush Airport, Oklahoma University and the Lyric Market in Houston, Texas.

Today’s parking industry is heavily reliant on and intertwined with, technology. To remain relevant it is important to be future ready,” said Frantz. 

One of the benefits of the INDECT system is that it is not a closed environment. Many INDECT components come with additional data and spare ethernet ports allowing them to be leveraged for other future uses, such as adding additional security cameras, intercoms or other Ethernet devices to the network.

We understand parking guidance is a big capital investment and we want our system to still be relevant 10 years from now,” said Fowler.

With over 276 million registered vehicles in the USA, the demand for easily accessible, smart parking is growing rapidly. Parking guidance is on track to become an essential requirement in all future garages across America. Businesses have seen the lights and they are red and green.


INDECT is the leading provider of parking guidance systems. INDECT’s systems combine the most advanced parking space sensors with industry-leading data management technology to offer drivers a safer, more convenient parking experience while helping parking owners operate their parking assets more efficiently and profitably.

INDECT USA can be found online at

About Parking Guidance Systems (PGS)

PGS specializes in providing tailored solutions to a range of parking needs. With more than 30 years’ experience in the parking industry, PGS works directly with their clients to increase utilization, improve safety, maximize efficiency, optimize occupancy and boost revenue.

PGS can be found online at


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