Indect Provides Unique Solutions for Interesting Client Problems

Indect Provides Unique Solutions

Did you know that parking guidance technology is not just for parking? INDECT’s sensors and LED signs and software can be easily adapted to solve a range of access management problems.

INDECT specializes in creating custom guidance solutions that can be used in hospitals, universities, airports, shopping centers, office buildings, gas stations, loading docks and even factories. All this is possible because INDECT controls the development of all software as well as the design and production of all components.

The following are examples of how INDECT used parking guidance technology to solve four individual, complex problems:

Tukwila, WA – INDECT installed high-visibility LED signs and sensors to monitor a busy petrol/gas station and direct drivers to available pumps. The sensors were modified to make the space indicator lights brighter and more easily visible outdoors. These ultra-bright lights were then attached directly to the canopy to ensure maximum clearance for trucks. Only INDECT sensors have a detection range long enough to achieve this requirement.

INDECT also designed and created a special LED symbol of a gas pump that is green when available and white with a red cross when occupied. Many other systems and technologies had been trialed prior to the installation, however, INDECT was chosen for its high reliability and accuracy.

Melbourne, Australia – INDECT created a loading dock management system for a busy city department store with a subterranean loading dock.  The dock was only accessible via a one-way lane and elevator that brought freight trucks into a basement area.  INDECT was able to interface to the elevator and create a queuing system for entry and exit to the area by elevator. They also interfaced with the existing LPR system to capture images of the license plates and displayed these plates on a matrix sign. This allowed the store to allocate specific loading bays to individual trucks. INDECT also created a number of oversized, lightweight, backlit vinyl signs that were able to be used both indoors and outdoors.


Tampa Bay, FL – Standard parking signs currently available on the market are able to display a maximum of four digits. When a parking area is full, this is normally shown by the words ‘FULL’ or ‘CLSD’. However, in this instance, the client wanted to provide their customers with greater clarity so INDECT designed and manufactured unique firmware with six digits so the sign could display the word ‘CLOSED’.


Europe – INDECT was commissioned to assist with improving efficiency on the production line at an automotive factory.  Initially, a vehicle would leave the assembly line and wait in a marshalling area for a final inspection. Once the vehicle was cleared, paperwork would need to be manually submitted to a supervisor and a runner would be dispatched to take the vehicle to the yard.

INDECT sensors have been installed above every inspection bay with a manual button positioned at ground level that links directly to the system. Lights above marshalled vehicles are set to red, which clearly identify queued jobs and instantly alerts available inspectors.

Once inspection is complete the button is pressed, changing the light above the bay from red to green. This immediately alerts the runners and instantly identifies vehicles ready to be cleared. The need for time-consuming paperwork is eliminated, saving valuable minutes on the production line as well as greatly increasing efficiency and profitability.


INDECT is the leading provider of parking guidance systems. INDECT’s systems combine the most advanced parking space sensors with industry-leading data management technology to offer drivers a safer, more convenient parking experience while helping parking owners operate their parking assets more efficiently and profitably.

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