Spotlight on INDECT's UPSOLUT

The INDECT multifunction camera sensor


This week’s product spotlight is on INDECT’s advanced multifunction camera sensor, the UPSOLUT.

Since its release on the North American market in 2016, the UPSOLUT has made quite an impression on the parking industry.  It’s numerous advanced features and highly durable design have made it one of the most asked about products in the INDECT parking guidance suite.  The UPSOLUT has already been installed in 12 parking garages across America with eight more projects currently underway.

The UPSOLUT differs from other camera-based systems on the market because it is fully automated and doesn’t require human intervention for accuracy. It is also the only IP67 compliant sensor on the market, meaning it will continue to function even if totally immersed in water and is completely dustproof.

Using state-of-the-art vehicle detection technology, the UPSOLUT monitors up to six parking spaces and can be customized to include optional equipment and software enabling:

  • License plate recognition
  • Car locator functionality
  • Video stream capture
  • Fish eye surveillance to capture a complete image of the garage not just the individual spaces
  • Reports, audits and performance analysis
  • Audio output for alerts and special announcements
  • Wide range of space occupancies indicators varying in color and intensity

Unlike other camera sensors on the market, maintenance is minimal. UPSOLUT is designed to be installed down the middle of a parking row, completely avoiding the parking spaces on each side. Since cars do not need to be moved during installation, UPSOLUT can be quickly and easily retrofitted into existing garages without effecting normal operation.

As the parking industry continues to seek more ways to satisfy their customers, data collection is an important tool to learn more about their behaviors. Camera-based sensors provide businesses with opportunities to offer premium pricing, higher levels of security, detailed reports, customized messaging and people detection.


INDECT is the leading provider of parking guidance systems. INDECT’s systems combine the most advanced parking space sensors with industry-leading data management technology to offer drivers a safer, more convenient parking experience while helping parking owners operate their parking assets more efficiently and profitably.

INDECT USA can be found online at


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