Innova's LPR Access Control in Critical Infrastructures

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LPR access control in Critical Infrastructures

Innova has been effectively managing the access control of various critical infrastructures around the world for more than 15 years, collaborating with other security systems, both physical and digital, in the management and exhaustive control of security threats in facilities.

Innova has a long history serving the needs of vehicular access control in critical infrastructures from staple industries, to oil plants, customs, ports and airports. The security of these infrastructures is usually regulated by governments and, therefore, they imply a greater demand in security and access control than is necessary for other types of facilities, since an interruption in their operation could have serious consequences in the countries.

Some of the industries that are classified as critical infrastructures are the following:

  • Financial and Tax System
  • Administration
  • Water
  • Food
  • Power Plants and Networks
  • Facilities related to Outer Space
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Chemical industry
  • Research Laboratories
  • Health
  • Telecommunications
  • Transport: airports, ports and railways

Safety is a priority in any vehicle access control system, especially in critical infrastructures, therefore, it is important to select license plate recognition software that offers maximum precision and a high accuracy rate. INNOVA as a technology company with accumulated experience of more than 15 years, has solutions based on artificial intelligence to carry out the management of security and access control in various critical facilities, being our SIRAM OCR5 responsible for guaranteeing maximum efficiency and higher accuracy rate than other solutions on the market. 

How does OCR5 work?

At Innova we make a strong commitment to R&D to develop LPR technological solutions based on artificial intelligence (Deep Learning) to maximize efficiency and implementation processes. Our SIRAM OCR5 license plate recognition software stands out for achieving an accuracy rate of over 99%, making it the best option for access control in critical infrastructures. In addition, this technological solution guarantees maximum compatibility and integration with any protocol, providing versatility in your @edge installation (thanks to its variety of products) and deployment in record time.

The versatility of our SIRAM OCR5 software has made it possible to achieve high safety standards in different critical installations. The precision of the license plate recognition and the implementation of different functionalities based on video analytics, allow to increase the effectiveness when carrying out a validation of the vehicles and facilitate the control with maximum assertiveness of the access inside the enclosure, making a classification of the typology of vehicles and drivers (employees, suppliers or visitors) through the authorization management system. 

At Innova we anticipate the security requirements of our clients and therefore, we have a wide range of applications based on video analytics to maximize the efficiency of any access control system. Access Innova and modernize your access control system with OCR5!

About Innova Systems Group Innova

Innova's mission is to provide solutions for access control and the management of traffic based on innovative technologies such as the recognition of license plates. It is renowned due to its customer service quality, facilitating the personal and professional growth of its employees, encouraging reconciliation measures, a good work environment, equal opportunities, and generating solid and sustainable benefits. All of this, searching for the common good of society through a policy of corporate social responsibility which helps and generates opportunities for the most disadvantaged, and taking care of the environment.


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