Innova Systems Group : OCR5 Installation in 13 Airports in Spain

OCR5 Installation in 13 Airports

Innova System´s Group with AENA, the world's leading airport operator regarding the number of passengers, has installed its automatic license plate recognition system in more than 10 Spanish airports. Our ALPR OCR5 technological solution responds to the demands of the sector with a success rate greater than 99%, maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of access control systems at airports.

The airport sector faces different challenges when it comes to ensuring the improvement of the user experience at its facilities such as providing an effective response to security and infrastructure issues. The application of services such as parking guidance systems, vehicle type control, pay-by-plate payment system and dynamic access / exit, touchless interaction systems (without contact), among other solutions make their way to maximize the balance of economic results. The need to find ALPR technological solutions that give a 360º response to the sector becomes a priority.

At Innova Systems Group we have a long history in the sector, betting heavily on R&D to launch ALPR solutions based on Deep Learning, such as our OCR5. Thanks to its nature, our solution guarantees maximum compatibility and integration with any protocol, versatility in its @edge installation (whether in barriers, all-in-one cameras, etc.) and a tecnological deployment in record time. Thanks to our experience and capacity for technological development, together with our partner CAME PARKARE, we have managed to stimulate and maximize results in parking management at different airports in Spain such as:

  • Alicante Airport
  • Almería Airport
  • Airport of Barcelona
  • Fuerteventura Airport
  • Girona Airport
  • Granada Airport
  • Ibiza Airport
  • La Palma Airport
  • Malaga airport
  • Melilla Airport
  • Murcia Airport
  • Santiago de Compostela Airport
  • Tenerife South Airport

At Innova Systems Group we are prepared to help any company throughout this technological transformation in Access Control and Parking Management at any airport. Shall we talk?

About Innova Systems Group 

Innova's mission is to provide solutions for access control and the management of traffic based on innovative technologies such as the recognition of license plates. It is renowned due to its customer service quality, facilitating the personal and professional growth of its employees, encouraging reconciliation measures, a good work environment, equal opportunities, and generating solid and sustainable benefits. All of this, searching the common good of society through a policy of corporate social responsibility which helps and generates opportunities for the most disadvantaged, and taking care of the environment.

About CAME Parkare

CAME ParkareCAME Parkare is a company of CAME Group. We are leaders in the automation, control, management, and distribution of equipment for car parks (on-street) and parking meters (off-street). We also do the maintenance for all our machines and systems with our customer service.

At CAME Parkare our main asset is the satisfaction of our customers. As a service company, we constantly aim to deliver quality solutions to our customers.

Our value chain contains concepts like feasibility of the study, development and engineering, manufacturing, installation, and after-sales service. Due to this, we can offer tailor-made solutions for our customers.

CAME Parkare is a new concept, stronger than ever, and operating in 118 countries.



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