SIRAM OCR: LPR Solution for Ports

Innova Has a Long History Meeting the Demands of Vehicular Access Control in Critical Infrastructures Thanks to the Versatility and Constant Technological Development of LPR Solutions.

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SIRAM OCR: LPR Solution for Ports

Among more than 50 ports and border centers at the international level, they have SIRAM OCR5 for the management and access control to their facilities. Innova's smart LPR technology meets expectations for safety and effectiveness with success.

Barcelona, Ibiza, Bilbao, Tenerife, Ceuta, Algeciras, Veracruz … There are many ports and border controls in Spain that trust Innova and its LPR solutions to manage their vehicle access control systems. The security requirements of ports, whether sports or commercial, require state-of-the-art technology in their access controls to guarantee maximum security in their facilities and surroundings. Innova is positioned as a technological partner that offers effective innovative solutions that adapt to the needs of any type of critical infrastructure.

Innova has a long history meeting the demands of vehicular access control in critical infrastructures thanks to the versatility and constant technological development of our LPR solutions. This is demonstrated by our facilities in different countries, such as ports; as well as the new installations carried out in the port of Platja d’Aro by Meypar, manufacturer of parking management systems, or the one carried out by Actum, manufacturer of access control systems, in the port of La Duquesa.

Our LPR solutions are adapted to the needs of each type of installation, guaranteeing full integration with different security protocols. In this way we identify different types of ports in which SIRAM has been installed:

Freight Terminals

This type of logistics facilities is where the logistical connections between land and sea freight transport are made. Our technology works with maximum efficiency in the MEROIL terminals located in the flammable dock of the port of Barcelona, or the REPSOL terminals located in the ports of Tarragona and Bilbao.

Another reference is the case of the ports of Veracruz and Lázaro Cardenas in Mexico, where the license plate recognition system operates integrated into an access control platform that allows joint management of the front license plate, the rear license plate and the type of container.

The dry port of Coslada (Madrid) also joins our SIRAM facilities, where our LPR solution works integrated into an access control system, but here the logistical connection is made between rail freight transport and road transport.

Commercial Ports

These are environments where commercial port activities are carried out, from loading / unloading operations, transhipments and storage of goods where security and access control become essential. Among the commercial ports, we highlight the SIRAM installation in Alicante, Bilbao, Malaga and Tenerife where our LPR system serves to enter and exit the various vehicles that access restricted areas.

Sports Ports

The marinas are characterized by hosting boats for recreational activities. In this type of nautical facilities, our LPR license plate recognition system works integrated into an access control system that allows managing the access of the vehicles of those authorized who have their pleasure boats in the port. On other occasions, SIRAM works integrated into the public parking management system, which manages access for the general public. Some references in marinas are Barcelona Port Vell, Barcelona Moll de la Fusta Benalmadena, Cambrils, La Duquesa, Fuengirola, Ibiza, Palma de Mallorca, Platja d’Aro, Portals, Sant Carles de la Ràpita, Roses or Sotogrande.

Passenger Terminals 

In the port terminals there are areas where the transit of passengers takes place, that is, the embarkation / disembarkation of passengers. In these cases, the SIRAM license plate recognition system is installed integrated into other public parking management systems, as in the case of the passenger transit terminals in Ceuta and Algeciras.

Customs in Ports 

In some port areas there are Customs offices and border control centers. In these cases of extreme security, as the border posts of Algeciras, Ceuta, Melilla and La Línea are identified, SIRAM OCR is used by the National Police to identify stolen vehicles before embarking to other destination countries.

 SIRAM OCR5 Advantages for ports

The versatility and maximum integration of our solutions, as well as the high accuracy rate of our license plate recognition system, make SIRAM the solution that offers greater confidence and security in ports and other critical infrastructures. Also, note the quality of our components that offer high resistance to environmental corrosion offering maximum accuracy and quality of recognition in front of possible reflections of the sun, rain or corrosion that may cause the salt of the sea.

SIRAM LPR solutions continue to offer customers long-lasting confidence. From here our thanks to the companies that have made all these facilities possible for continuing to maintain their trust in Innova.

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