Innova: Ticketless ALPR Systems for Motorcycles in Public Parking

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Ticketless ALPR Systems for Motorcycles in Public Parking

SIRAM OCR5 becomes the technological solution chosen by B:SM, a public mobility entity in Barcelona, for the implementation of ticketless systems through automatic license plate recognition for cars and motorcycles in public parking lots. 

Nowadays, there are many car park operating companies (PARCS) that opt for the implementation of smart solutions to offer a pleasant user experience. Ticketless and barrierless solutions for parking control access/exit have become a high-demand solution in the parking sector. The key to the implementation of this type of technology is the efficiency and reliability of the license plate reading and recognition technology, therefore, SIRAM OCR5 becomes the optimal ALPR solution for motorcycle rear reading chosen by B:SM. 

In October, Aparcaments B:SM implemented the license plate recognition system for motorcycles in five car parks in the city of Barcelona. These facilities are added to the 13 car parks that already had this service, adding a total of 18 public car parks with a ticketless system for the access and exit of motorcycles.

The installation of cameras for the reading of rear motorcycle license plates at entrances and exits allowed motorcycle owners to take advantage of ticketless services. The high-reliability rate of SIRAM OCR5 allows drivers and motorcycle users to enter and exit car parks without the need to use a conventional ticket, since the cameras installed, when recognizing license plates, can automatically activate the raise of barriers without user intervention. 

The implementation of this LPR technology for motorcycles shows that B:SM is committed to new solutions to achieve great challenges of Urban Mobility, where intelligent technologies such as SIRAM OCR5, based on deep learning algorithms, help to meet the goals of sustainability of Smart Cities. The success of this ticketless functionality for reading and recognizing motorcycle license plates allows SIRAM OCR5 to be expanded to the rest of the B:SM Network car parks in order to improve the agility and comfort of motorcycle users.

At Innova, we develop technological solutions for video analysis and ALPR that allow the counting, classification, and automatic recognition of vehicles, providing predictive analysis and keys for decision-making and vehicle flow modeling. We are committed to our clients and sustainability to face the new challenges proposed for smart traffic and parking management, providing AI technology that offers greater data precision, cost reduction, and greater effectiveness in End-User functionalities. 

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About Innova Systems Group Innova

Innova are a technology company focused on the development of intelligent video analysis and ALPR solutions for parking and traffic management. Our commitment to technological innovation allows the implementation of smart functionalities in the parking and mobility sector. We develop useful and sustainable technologies for society, without forgetting to enjoy doing our work. 

Our mission is to provide PARCS and Public Administrations solutions based on artificial intelligence for traffic planning, control, and management. Our video analysis and ALPR solutions allow the automatic counting, classification, and recognition of vehicles, providing predictive and improved analytics, key in decision-making and vehicle flow modeling. We are committed to our clients so they can face the new challenges in their management and analysis systems in the parking and traffic sector with greater data accuracy, cost reduction, and greater effectiveness in End-User functionalities.


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