Integrapark and SIX Card Solutions release End-to-End Encryption and Tokenization solution

Integrapark was an early adopter of SIX Card Solutions token solution in 2007 to reduce card security risks and PCI-DSS scope for its clients processing recurring monthly parker fees. Use of tokens eliminates storing sensitive card data on clients PARIS servers. Instead of sensitive card data, PARIS server stores proprietary tokens (dummy numbers) issued by SIX Card Solutions.
Tokens are then used to create the recurring transactions for monthly parker fees. Sensitive card data is stored on SIX Card Solutions secure PCI-DSS compliant centrally hosted systems. When a token based transaction is received by SIX Card Solutions, the token is exchanged by the actual card data and a true credit card transaction is sent to the processor.

While tokenization eliminates storage of sensitive card data for card on file transactions, sensitive card data in transit is still entered, transmitted and processed on clients environment (work stations, network, servers, ...) to process one-time payments and to create tokens.

PARIS now supports SIX Card Solutions End-to-End Encryption solution in addition to the token solution. When first used, cards are either swiped into secure readers or card data is keyed onto secure readers. The secure readers promptly encrypt sensitive card data before it is sent to PARIS and the encrypted data can only be decrypted by SIX Card Solutions in its central secure hosted systems. Tokens are then returned to PARIS. Only encrypted data and tokens are transmitted and processed onto the clients environment.

Using both End-to-End Encryption and tokenization allows PCI-DSS scope to be significantly reduced, allowing merchants to reach and maintain PCI-DSS compliance requirements faster with less efforts thus resulting in significant cost savings.

Solution will be demonstrated at the Parking Industry Exhibition March 18-20, 2012 in Chicago (OHare) Illinois USA.

About Integrapark

integrapark.pngIntegraPark is the leading provider of accounting and operations management software built specifically for the parking industry. IntegraPark's products include: PARIS, the premier billings and receivables system for monthly parking management, Geneva, an enterprise-wide application for tracking and analyzing parking revenues and bank deposits, and Rome, a cloud-based system that provides parking operators real-time revenue information.

About SIX Card Solutions

Six Card Solution logo_small.pngSIX Card Solutions specializes in managed solutions and value-added services for integrated card processing in both card-present and card-not-present environments. Solutions are widely used in the parking industry, hospitality, retail, vending, e-commerce solutions and a wide range of card-not-present applications.
SIX Card Solutions USA (formerly 3C)


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