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Agile Development Benefits

Research indicates that on average only 32% of software projects succeed, up to 24% fail and up to 44% are signicantly delayed.

So how is it that only a third of projects succeed and what are the biggest issues that development projects face?

Real time changing requirements

Modern business’ operates in a uid ever changing commercial landscape. Traditional project approaches, such as the waterfall approach, struggle to align development projects with real time business priorities and requirements. This is especially the case on long term projects where the business requirements have a high probability of change. The Scrum process allows a trade in functionality whilst the project is underway, whilst keeping tight control of delivery timescales and managing the consequences of change.

Identifying risk early

Traditional approaches often involve long periods of development with the business having no visibility until each large ‘module’ or ‘phase’ is complete.
Within the Agile Scrum process, short development iterations, delivering working software at the end of each iteration, enable the identication of risk and mitigation action much earlier in the process.

Granular control of productivity

In traditional approaches, granular control of development activity is often left to the developers subjective experience. Many traditional approaches pretty much leave the answer to the question ‘How much is left to do?’ to the gut feel of the development team.
The Scrum process provides detailed management information relating to the development team’s throughput (Team Velocity). This enables you to manage the resource available to the project, identifying and addressing issues that can be alleviated with additional manpower.

The Agile Scrum development process provides a framework for addressing these issues and ensuring that the project has it’s nger on the pulse of the business. As an early adopter of this process, Inventive have realised signicant benets from its implementation:

'The implementation of Agile SCRUM with VersionOne within our business has enabled us to create a software production line, this enables us to manage productivity - scaling up and down where necessary; and better managing our cost base as a consequence. Our customers have better visibility and control than ever before of their entire project portfolio’ - Nik Southworth, Chief Operating Officer, Inventive IT

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