Mobile friendly websites : The advantages of Responsive Design

Inventive IT specialise in the development of travel industry websites, working with several UK and european airports on their parking booking engines. Our responsive design framework means that we can quickly build and deploy websites that work well on devices of all sizes from mobile to desktop.

Responsive design enables you to have one website that seamlessly works on multiple devices with varying screen sizes. This article outlines some of the business advantages of this approach over having a separate mobile website or mobile application.

Better position on search engines

Using responsive design means that you have one site that works on all devices. This means that all of your existing links and search engine ranking will immediately carry over to your mobile and desktop sites. This means that all SEO effort can be focused on a single site and avoids any duplicate content issues.

Improved sales and conversion rates

Users have an improved experience as there is no need for redirection. Standardised CSS across devices and a unified approach creates a consistent look and feel.

Save development and maintenance costs

Content only needs to be managed on one site. Having a single code base also reduces complexity and therefore development and testing costs.

Faster updates and future proofing

Compared to mobile apps a responsive site gives you much more control. Updates are applied immediately without having to wait until a user upgrades the application. As responsive sites depend only on screen size rather than devices & mobile operating system versions, they provide much better future proofing than mobile applications.

Consolidated analytics and reporting

Having a single responsive site means that you no longer have to track user journeys, conversion paths, funnels and redirections between sites. Tools like Google Analytics are now optimised to handle multiple devices and responsive reporting. All of your tracking and analytics will continue to function and be condensed into a single report, allowing for easier monitoring and analysis.

Our responsive framework will help airports and their parking businesses reach out to more customers through their mobile and tablet devices.

About Inventive ITInventive IT

Inventive IT specialise in pre-book and ecommerce solutions for airports. Altitude Parking Reservation system was launched in March 2011 and is now used by 8 airports in the UK and Europe.


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