Hengqin Port Adopts JIESHUN Smart Parking

The Largest Port Directly Connecting by Land to Macau Has Opened!

Hengqin Port

On August 18 2020, the new traveling inspection area of Hengqin Port, the largest port directly connecting to Macao by land, was officially opened! Hengqin Port's new port inspection mode 'Release directly after collaborative inspections' has changed Zhuhai and Macao traveling from two locations with two inspections to one location with two inspections. Now passengers can pass the port in as fast as 5 seconds, greatly improving the passing efficiency between Zhuhai and Macao. While bringing a new experience of passing ports, what “black technologies” have been launched on this “Super Port” and what new skills have been unlocked? Come and see them!

Parking Lot with ”Black Technologies” Creates a Full-process Smart Traffic Experience

License plate recognition, online payment, automatic fee deduction, one-second leaving, and a brand-new parking exit/entry parking system have brought a “fast-forward” passing experience to Hengqin Port and its 3-story underground parking lot. Parking guidance, reverse vehicle searching, and a complete parking management system have also added “black technologies” to passenger service and management at Hengqin Port.

Car passing the barrier without stopping

At the end of 2019, JIESHUN signed a cooperation agreement for the Hengqin Port and its 3-story Underground Parking Lot Project, providing intelligent parking management construction services including a parking management entry/exit system, a parking guidance system, and realizing the intelligent operation and management of all parking lot scenarios.

13 Types of License Plate Recognition, 5 Methods of Payments & 1 Unattended Parking Lot

In the parking lots of Hengqin Port and its 3-story Underground Parking Lot Project, passengers can realize recognition and admission in seconds under a 99.8% license plate recognition rate by JIESHUN’s smart hardware and software. The use of APP, WeChat, Alipay, and any other scanning to go greatly reduces the time of queuing to pay. As China’s first company in the parking industry to realize the integration of license plate recognition in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, after serving the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, JIESHUN also developed a variety of license plate recognition algorithms to meet the needs of Hengqin Port.

The process of entry for vehicles without a license plate

Currently, JIESHUN are assisting Hengqin Port to support a large range of license plates including standard blue license plates, yellow license plates, school license plates, police license plates, military license plates, armed police license plates, Guangdong-Hong Kong license plates, Guangdong-Macao license plates, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao license plates, embassies & consulate license plates, civil aviation license plates, and new energy car license plates, Macau license plates, and more.

Reservation by Mobile Phone, Reverse Vehicle Searching, and Parking Guidance System

There are 2600+ parking spaces in the 3-story underground lots, so how can a parker find a parking space quickly? JIESHUN integrates self-developed online parking function modules and existing and newly developed customer function modules through open standard API interfaces, so that passengers can park their cars conveniently via mobile phone. Passengers open the "Hengqin Port" WeChat official account on their mobile phones and find "Parking Service" to realize the online parking functions such as online payment, parking space inquiry, parking space reservation, smart parking and reverse vehicle searching. Finding an available space and locating your vehicle after parking becomes easier than ever. 

Click to enlarge: Hengqin Port Official WeChat Account

In conjunction with the JIESHUN wayfinding parking signs, JIESHUN Parking Guidance can guide passengers to quickly find parking spaces. It can also automatically give the alarms for vehicles across parking spaces, and duplicate license plates. Passengers can quickly find their vehicles using their mobile phone or the car finder kiosks with the help of Hengqin Port’s 2D and 3D vehicle finding maps.

AI Brain, Centralized Management and Control

As the largest port directly connecting to Macau by land, Hengqin Port and the integrated transportation hub are faced with huge daily traffic flow. So, how can this be managed more safely and efficiently? Through new technologies such as AIoT, big data, and cloud edge integration, JIESHUN has created an intelligent parking management system for it, allowing front-end intelligent hardware data to be uploaded to the cloud in real-time, and back-end statistics on vehicle entry/exit information, charging records, and related reports, etc. The data from multiple parking lots is always clear thanks to daily centralized management and control.


The world leader in smart parking with 100,000 parking lots globally, positioning No.1 in China.  Established in 1992 as Shenzhen Jieshun Science and Technology Industry, JIESHUN is the world's leading one-stop supplier of smart parking solutions. We offer complete and customized Entrance and Exit Control solutions, including a parking management system (PMS), parking guidance systems (PGS), barrier gates, pedestrian gates, access control, as well as a unified cloud-based platform for centralized monitoring and management.

About Hengqin Port

Hengqin Port is a port connecting Macau Special Administrative Region of China with Hengqin New District of Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province China. It is located in the southwest of Zhuhai City, adjacent to Macau


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