Jieshun Launches New Ultrasonic Parking Sensor

Jieshun launches the brand-new ultrasonic parking sensor

According to the data report, car ownership has been increasing in most countries over the years. However, the construction speed of the parking lot still cannot meet the parking requirements. Parking difficulties have always been a common concern in modern cities. After that, people developed smart parking systems to alleviate this situation, which is the parking guidance system. With the help of the system, car owners can more easily find available parking spaces in office buildings or shopping malls.

Parking guidance systems have many advantages including:

  1. The parking time is greatly shortened, and people can quickly find vacant parking spaces by following the instructions.
  2. The utilization rate of parking spaces is improved, bringing more income to the parking lot.
  3. Replacing manual labor with intelligent systems reduces the operating cost of the management team.
  4. A better parking experience can attract more customers.

Recently, Jieshun launches the brand-new ultrasonic parking sensor with the comprehensive ultrasonic parking guidance solution. Through the parking sensors above the parking spaces, the system can collect the real-time information of the parking spaces. When a car is parked, the parking sensor will detect it immediately and change the indicator from green to red. After that, the main controller will summarize all the data and process it, then send to available parking space data to the front-end display screen, guiding more cars into the vacant parking spaces.

Scheme of parking topology

Even if video parking guidance systems are gradually accepted by many parking lots, ultrasonic parking guidance still plays an important role. In terms of system deployment, ultrasonic parking guidance systems are easier to install. Compared with video parking systems, ultrasonic systems do not need to store video, and the cost will be much lower. In addition, the ultrasonic system is very stable, with a recognition rate of 99.9%.

The parking lot of the future will be smarter and completely unattended. Jieshun will always develop innovative parking solutions to provide customers with a better parking experience.


The world leader in smart parking with 100,000 parking lots globally, positioning No.1 in China.  Established in 1992 as Shenzhen Jieshun Science and Technology Industry, JIESHUN is the world's leading one-stop supplier of smart parking solutions. We offer complete and customized Entrance and Exit Control solutions, including a parking management system (PMS), parking guidance systems (PGS), barrier gates, pedestrian gates, access control, as well as a unified cloud-based platform for centralized monitoring and management.


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