JIESHUN: Promoting Membership Marketing Through Intelligent Parking Systems in Shopping Malls

Shopping Centre Parking

With the rapid development of digital services, people’s lifestyles have undergone dramatic changes. People can enjoy more convenience and real-time info by using various apps while traveling, shopping, and even eating their favorite dinner. At the same time, app operators and business owners can accurately advertise according to customers' preferences. Now this solution can be applied to smart parking systems.

A Shift in Focus

For shopping malls, parking is directly related to the traffic in the mall. It’s a major factor in the consumers' choice of where to shop. Consumers are more eager to shop where there are parking facilities without queues, easy-to-find spaces, and convenient payment methods.

Parking management is no longer a simple replenishment of tickets and withdrawal of money. With video recognition technology entering the market, managing parking in shopping centers has been greatly simplified. Through smart parking solutions, it’s easier than ever to exceed the expectations of management in terms of improving efficiency, reducing labor costs, and establishing a data management system. As such, the function of smart parking management in shopping malls has become a basic requirement. 

Providing a pleasant and convenient parking experience attracts more customers, and so parking-lot operators in shopping malls must ask themselves “how can I improve services so that every customer who comes to the parking lot is provided a VIP experience?”.

Providing A Service: Regular Customers or Members?

The shopping center has undergone a massive transformation since the introduction of the internet. With the development of digital services, electronic membership cards have become increasingly popular in shopping centers. Business operators are looking forward to providing VIP services to every guest. Whether customers are members or not, operators expect to be able to promote electronic coupons to customers so that they are more satisfied and willing to shop.

Therefore, the ultimate focus of shopping center parking should not just be parking and charging, but membership serviceability, allowing shopping malls to perform more effective membership marketing.

A New Way of Thinking In the Field of Intelligent Parking In Shopping Malls

Focusing on the core concerns of both customers and shopping center operators, Jieshun Technology developed a SaaS business system for shopping malls that can improve the efficiency of operation and management, while enhancing the service experience of members. Personalization, privatization, and localization are the keys words of this SaaS platform. The system emphasizes a personalized experience according to the customers' needs. Jieshun provides a customized customer app, a management app, and a business management platform based on different shopping mall themes such as youth, luxury goods, or parents with children.

City Map

The solution fully considers resource privatization and the localization needs of shopping centers. The smart parking O2O operating platform follows the principles of localization deployment, while member's parking data is highly private and secure. The intelligent parking system is well integrated with offline parking systems, membership points, electronic card coupons, and online payment, making the operation much easier.

Jieshun will help shopping malls to provide a better level of care for customers, explore the value of memberships, improve the overall service image, and create a more innovative operation for shopping malls.


The world leader in smart parking with 100,000 parking lots globally, positioning No.1 in China.  Established in 1992 as Shenzhen Jieshun Science and Technology Industry, JIESHUN is the world's leading one-stop supplier of smart parking solutions. We offer complete and customized Entrance and Exit Control solutions, including a parking management system (PMS), parking guidance systems (PGS), barrier gates, pedestrian gates, access control, as well as a unified cloud-based platform for centralized monitoring and management.



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