Kathrein: Enhancing Mobility with IoT

Kathrein: Enhancing Mobility with IoT

As a result of an increasing global population, it is becoming more and more difficult to live in urban areas, where space is often limited. This is also true for mobility and parking. Fortunately, the Internet of Things (IoT) acts as a solution to this limitation of living and parking spaces. Access control systems for parking lots will get smarter, thanks to a new generation of Internet of Things (IoT) gateways. The detection of vehicles is carried out by means of wireless RFID technology, which allows accurate identification of vehicles and vehicle users over a distance of several meters. For this IoT gateway purpose, respective vehicles receive a clearly identifiable RFID UHF ISO 18000-63c transponder integrated within the vehicle or in a personal ID card.

These passive transponders work without batteries and fulfill the highest security standards, such as ISO/IEC 29167-10, which is based on an AES 128bit high-security encryption. In the past, barriers were managed by a simple controller board. These can now be replaced with new IoT gateways that have already proven themselves in IoT and Industry 4.0 applications. Kathrein Solutions’ experience in the areas of industry, logistics and retail directly meets the needs of these ITS applications. Installed sensors produce an alert when a vehicle is positioned in front of the barrier. These sensors can be read directly by the Kathrein reader. The process of opening the barrier can also be executed directly by the reader, which eliminates the need for additional hardware components, which in turn, can help to avoid errors.

Integrating into the IoT

In order to easily integrate the readers into an existing IT network, the Kathrein ARU 35xx reader series is available with PoE+ and WLAN/Bluetooth or 3G/4G interfaces on board. This allows for wireless integration of the readers, which can keep the cost of the infrastructure low. Practical assignments have shown that these two features have reduced the cost of the network infrastructure by more than 35%. In addition to a high-performance RFID reader, Kathrein ARU 35xx reader devices have a powerful Linux computer on board. When used in combination with Kathrein CrossTalk, a powerful IoT suite, it is possible to control, maintain and easily manage large numbers of RFID systems. Thanks to the modular software platform, CrossTalk with a remote CrossTalk Agent CT, an integration into an existing operations layer or other OMC solutions is possible. This innovative solution can incorporate an old infrastructure into the new IoT, turning cars and vehicles into smart objects. Based on this, access to a parking garage can be made simple and effective. Kathrein is now developing its clients’ vision for a more mobile future. CrossTalk, Kathrein’s integration software layer, is a modular IoT suite for different identification applications. It can process passive UHF RFID, barcode, GPS, real-time locating systems (RTLS), sensors and other technologies. CrossTalk is the most advanced software suite for AutoID and IoT device management, and track-and-trace visualization. CrossTalk device management delivers plug-and-play integration for most AutoID devices and back-end systems on the market. It allows a mix of technologies from major RFID/AutoID, RTLS, barcode and sensor providers. The CrossTalk app center provides visual track-and-trace applications. CrossTalk’s highly configurable, modular and customizable approach fits into any customer scenario.

About Kathrein

Kathrein is a leading international specialist for reliable high-quality communication technologies. 
The company is an innovation and technology leader in today’s connected world. Its ability to provide solutions and services enables people all over the world to communicate, access information and use media, whether at home, at the office or on the road. The business covers a broad spectrum: from mobile communication, RFID and special solutions, to satellite reception and broadcast technology, to transmission and reception systems in vehicles. As a hidden champion
and family-owned enterprise, Kathrein has been working on the technologies of tomorrow since
1919. The company takes pride in its dedicated employees and passion for customers and quality.
Find out more about Kathrein at www.kathrein.com.


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