Miami Marlins Unveil New Ballpark and Parking Facilities

The Miami Marlins opened the season in a brand new state-of-the-art baseball stadium. Constructed on 17 acres of the historic Orange Bowl site in Little Havana, the ballpark features a retractable roof, a natural grass playing field, 37,000 seats, and structured parking to support the stadium.

TimHaahs worked with architect Leo A. Daly to design the four mixed-use parking facilities. The garages include nearly 60,000 square feet of commercial and retail space – a destination for ballpark visitors and the community, both on and off season. The garages and nearby lots combined provide 6,000 spaces for stadium functions, future residential units, and a variety of other activities. The garages also include sustainable design features, including provisions for the future addition of solar panels.

The excitement of the Marlins Ballpark opening comes after years of anticipation for the site. The proposed redevelopment of the surrounding area as a vibrant, mixed-use center will attract people from Miami and abroad to visit the site for both baseball and as a destination in its own right. The site program identified the integration of retail, residential and entertainment uses as a keystone to create an attractive year round destination.

Another factor was critical to the success of the ballpark and proposed redevelopment – parking. The program had to accommodate significant parking demand and provide safe, attractive and convenient parking for fans and visitors. Throughout the project’s early planning stages, TimHaahs provided master planning services related to parking, programming, and vehicular and pedestrian access and circulation. The team considered the most effective building location, architectural design, and integration of mixed-use elements. Of key importance was efficient entry and exit design to accommodate complex event parking – TimHaahs designed all structures to empty within 40 minutes during major events.

The opening of the Marlins Ballpark is an important milestone in the continued growth and success of the city. The ballpark and surrounding area will create a new destination for residents and visitors in a vibrant, walkable community.


David Hampton
The facility area looks nice! And is very lite up and bright for tourist to see at night.

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