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Accurately and reliable magnetic field sensors for all types of vehicles in stationary traffic as well as moving traffic

With growing size of a parking facility, a car park or an underground parking the time which is needed to find one of the last vacant parking spaces increases, too. The search for the the last vacant parking space does not only take time, it is also annoying, consumes energy and due to the exhaust fumes it degrades the breathing air in car park and underground parking.

With MagSense, MobiliSis offers individual parking space detection which ensures that motorists are directly guided to vacant parking spaces.


MagSense is a very powerful magnetic field sensor for passenger car parking space detection. MagSense cannot only detect and count accurately the number of vacant parking spaces, MagSense can also help you to identify automatically parking offenders who block valuable parking space on your customer parking facility.

MagSense system detection for parked vehicles provides excellent accuracy at all environmentally and weather conditions. The small sensors, embedded in the asphalt of each parking bay, can tell whether a car is present, absent or has over-stayed its allotted time.

Robust construction and 24/7 Internet connection provide reliable, real time parking occupancy data which is fully integrated in Parking and Guidance System and Online Parking Ticket Payment System.

Sensors are installed in every parking bay and wired in one or more sensor networks. The system is suitable for both installation in new or existing facilities with saw-cut installations where a 15 mm groove is cut into the concrete or asphalt and the sensors and cable are stuffed and sealed (using loop sealant) into the groove. If you search for solution where Ultrasonic sensor can not be used or there is no possibility to install it, MagSense sensor is a perfect choice.

MagSense in the Airport Parking facility

The manifold fields of application of MagSense in car parks and parking areas:

  • MagSense at the ticket machine at the entrance to parking levels or zones
  • MagSense for single parking space detection on each parking level or in each zone
  • MagSense at the exit barrier of the parking level or zone
  • MagSense allows easy vehicle counting on parking levels or zones (e.g. on the ramp)

Ramp metering:

Magsense arport parking - ramp metering

The MagSense sensor is mounted at the ceiling of the parking level underneath. This cost-effective way of installation avoids cuts on the ramp surface. It is even possible to use several sensors below wide ramps without any difficulty.

Single parking space detection:

MagSense Aiport parking - Single Space Detection

Single parking space detection allows optimum utilization of the parking space by the well-directed guidance of the user. Knowing the status of each single parking space prevents cumulative errors in the car park or the parking zone. The MagSense sensors can be mounted at the ceiling of the parking level below, which is particularly interesting at the top level.

About MobiliSisMobiliSis logo

The MobiliSis team consists of experts who have year-long experience in the field of magnetic field sensors as well as in hardware and software development.

From the development of the hardware, the programming of the entire software (decision logics, firmware, communication, etc.) to the manufacturing and conception of comprehensive systems you will get all elements from one source.

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