MagSense® again replaces ultrasonic counting

Dynamic parking guidance system is operating again after a two-year break

MagSense® again replaces ultrasonic counting

Two years ago the district town of Mosbach (Neckar-Odenwald) had to switch off their dynamic parking guidance system completely because the counts in parking facilities and parking lots had become extremely unreliable. The customers’ complaints left the officials no choice.Mosbach Municipality

Mosbach municipality has now decided to equip all previously ultrasonic count locations with MagSense® devices. The counts are now very precise so that even manual intervention for any corrections is no longer necessary. The customers can follow the dynamic signs again, knowing that they will actually find the indicated vacant parking spaces at the respective parking facility.

MagSense® 3DTC is the magnetic field sensor by MobiliSis®, which has key advantages compared to all other technologies.

Mosbach parking guidance Its installation can be done in various ways. Since MagSense® even detects vehicles from below through the ceiling – through reinforced-concrete as well as steel ceilings – it provides for the most simple and inexpensive installation at the ceiling below. Thus, the building fabric remains undamaged and the sensors can be fixed easily and quickly.

The sensors can also be cut like an inductive loop and then sealed. Alternatively it can be installed in an empty conduit laid in the carriageway (e.g. below the paving). In Mosbach all installation variants were realized due to the prevailing boundary conditions.

But also the transmission of the count data is very simple and inexpensive. Besides the usual cabling and connection to dynamic signs or a traffic computer data can also be transmitted via radio data transmission. Thus, cost-intensive cabling is not necessary. As a supplement MobiliSis® also offers dynamic signposting by radio data transmission. This allows almost free choice where to locate the signs. Neither site nor distance to count location or traffic computer have to be taken into account or pose problems.

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The MobiliSis team consists of experts who have year-long experience in the field of magnetic field sensors as well as in hardware and software development.

From the development of the hardware, the programming of the entire software (decision logics, firmware, communication, etc.) to the manufacturing and conception of comprehensive systems you will get all elements from one source.

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