Monit Receives ISAE 3402 Type II Certification

As part of our compliance program Monit Data has received the ISAE 3402 Type II certification. Following up on our earlier Type I certification, the audit for Type II covers a longer period and the effectiveness of the control measures is assessed. This provides even more assurance of the provided services, and that your information is secure.

‘Outsourcing’ of IT services is commonplace these days. This can be in our private lives, for example a utilities company who reads your ‘smart’ meter and gives you advice about your consumption. But we also see outsourcing in a multitude of business-to-business services. For example, Monit Data is active in creating clear data-driven insights in the field of mobility. Such as for parking, EV and cycling. With these insights we help cities, municipalities and companies with their decisions regarding policies, and financial and operational management.

To achieve this, we process raw data from the various systems of our users and convert this into information for valuable insights. As a partner of Monit Data, you want to know that we handle all this data with the utmost care and security. That is why Monit Data has an extensive compliance program so that you can be assured that we meet the industry standards for securely processing your data.

As part of our compliance program, Monit Data is ISAE 3402 certified. The Type I certification was achieved earlier, but the more extensive Type II certification has now also been added.

ISAE 3402 Type I & Type II

ISAE (International Standard Assurance Engagements) 3402 is an internationally recognised standard. The standard shows whether the integrity of the (financial) data processing and continuity of a service provider are correctly implemented. This way, organisations gain more insight into the processing of their data when outsourcing processes.

The ISAE 3402 Type I certification is a snapshot. At a point in time, an audit is performed in which the processes and control measures are described. This shows whether the data processing measures are in place and meet the stated requirements. Since the report concerns a specific moment, the Type I certification is regularly renewed.

ISAE 3402 Type II

There are two distinct areas in which an ISAE Type II certification is an extension of Type I. In contrast to being a snapshot, Type II is an audit over a longer period of time. The report describes a period of at least 6 months in which processes and the control measures are assessed.

And secondly, where Type I only examines whether control measures are present and meet the requirements, Type II also describes the working of the measures. During the audit period, it is tested whether the measures have been effective with regards to the objectives in control and integrity of processes and data.

In conclusion, an ISAE 3402 Type I certification provides partners with information to verify that measures are in place at an external supplier so that their data is secure. With a Type II certification you also know whether these measures are actually effective, and are so over a longer period. This gives you more assurance about the security of your data and provided outsourcing services.

Compliance at Monit Data

Monit Data collaborated with 3angles for the independent external audit for our ISAE 3402 Type II certification. The certification is part of our compliance program. With this program we ensure the security of your data and the continuity of your business operations. Visit our compliance page for more information.

About Monit Data

Monit DataMonit Data provides parking data analytics services for municipalities and private operators. User-friendly dashboards give clear information on car, EV, and bicycle usage. Use data-driven insights for urban mobility policies and day-to-day operational management.


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