Monit Data Receives ISO 27001 Certification

Monit Data Receives ISO 27001 Certification

Monit Data is proud to have received the ISO 27001 certification. The internationally recognized ISO 27001 standard details how to manage information security. Building on the many security measures already implemented at Monit Data our certification was achieved with relative ease. With the certification, you can trust that your business and personal data are safe with Monit Data.

We live in a time and world where information is essential. We trust that our information is always available, accurate, and secure. And also if we allow others to process and use our own information that this is handled carefully and securely.

But threats to the security of information are always lurking. With information security, we often think of the ubiquitous hacker breaking into IT systems. But often the danger can be in more seemingly harmless situations. How do we deal with a lost or found USB stick with information? Or that document that is forgotten on the printer? What do we do when a visitor just walks into our building?

At Monit Data information is an integral part of our DNA. Our mission is to give our customers and partners clear insights into their urban mobility challenges; both for cars, EV, and bicycles. Our dashboards are used to create mobility policies and for operational and financial management. Creating these insights requires that we convert raw data from our customers and partners into valuable information.

That you can trust Monit Data to handle your business and personal information with the utmost care is, therefore, a top priority. It is also a requirement many of our customers and partners present to us. That is why Monit Data has chosen to pursue the ISO 27001 certification.

About ISO 27001

Organizations that want to implement information security often focus specifically on IT aspects. But information security is much broader than that. For example paperwork and any other form in which knowledge is recorded within an organization. Or think of the security measures in physical locations. How are the entry policies enforced? But also consider HR and staffing aspects. How are the responsibilities for information security defined in the various roles?

The ISO 27001 standard indicates how an organization can handle information security in an integral and process-oriented way. The standard details requirements for establishing, implementing, managing, and improving an Information Security Management System (ISMS). The goal is to ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of information within an organization.

ISO 27001

Monit Data ISO 27001 Certification

An ISO 27001 certification is issued after an audit by an accredited external party. For this audit, Monit Data has chosen Conformiso, a Dutch firm with over 30 years of experience in information security management systems and certifications. Together Conformiso and Monit Data developed a step-by-step plan for achieving the certification.

During our certification process, it became clear that Monit Data had a very solid foundation with regard to information security. Many of the measures coming out of the ISO 27001 standard were already firmly established.

But naturally, our certification process also brought forward some areas where we could improve. One of the main findings was to improve the documentation of the procedures used in the organization. By incorporating the findings from the audit into our processes security risks are minimized in an integral and structured manner. And it also ensures that our staff will act in a consistent and effective way if a security incident were to occur.

The ISO 27001 certification of Monit Data was achieved within short timelines due to the strong information security measures already in place, and also helped by the good teamwork with Conformiso.

What Does the Certification Mean For You

The essence of Monit Data’s ISO 27001 certification is that you as a customer, partner, supplier or employee can be assured that your business and personal information is secure with us. The successful certification demonstrates that the measures, processes, and procedures for information security as detailed in the ISO 27001 standard are implemented.

Your customers and partners will most likely also have requirements with regard to the information security of the organizations you work with. With our ISO 27001 certification, you can clearly show that Monit Data is a partner that meets these information security requirements.

The ISO 27001 certification is not a one-time assessment. The certification is issued for 3 years, after which Monit Data will need to complete a new certification process. Between now and the re-certification an independent party will perform an annual audit. Therefore you can trust that Monit Data will ensure that your information is secure even with internal and external developments that could affect information security.

The ISO 27001 certification is part of Monit Data’s compliance policy. The safety and continuity of your business are our priority. To learn more about Monit Data’s compliance policy please visit our compliance page.

About Monit Data

Monit DataMonit Data provides parking data analytics services for municipalities and private operators. User-friendly dashboards give clear information on car, EV, and bicycle usage. Use data-driven insights for urban mobility policies and day-to-day operational management.


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