Monit: The City of Tilburg Introduces VTAG Digital Bicycle Parking

More User Friendliness and Better Management with the Integrated Solution for Digital Bicycle Parking from Monit Data.

- Tilburg, Netherlands
City of Tilburg

Cyclists can now easily check in and out of bicycle parking facilities digitally in Tilburg. Traditional paper receipts are a now thing of the past and are replaced by a ‘Bikey’ card with a QR code. With a quick contactless scan, you can now easily enter and leave a bicycle parking facility without having to wait for the manual issuing or checking of receipts.

Users of bicycle parking facilities in Tilburg receive a free ‘Bikey’, a card that you keep with you permanently. With your own ‘Bikey’ you get easy access to multiple parking facilities in Tilburg, including 7 permanent parking facilities, as well as temporary parking facilities at events such as concerts or markets. Of course, this digital access to parking facilities is not only for traditional bicycles – it can also be used for e-bikes, mopeds, cargo bikes, and more. By issuing different ‘Bikey’ cards for different types of transport, the city of Tilburg can easily monitor and manage the usage of their parking facilities.

Illustration of a bike parking garage, showing entrance and exit gates and parking racks.

VTAG – the Integral Solution for Digital Bicycle Parking

Digital check-in and check-out with the ‘Bikey’ is one of the many functionalities of VTAG. But this integrated solution for digital bicycle parking from Monit Data offers more, including real-time insight into occupancy and trends in the parking facilities, for example, the peak entry and exit times, and the occupancy rate at any given time.

VTAG also offers the option of an online portal so that cyclists can easily manage subscriptions for bicycle parking facilities themselves. Such as purchasing a subscription, including full processing of online payment. Or to sign up for a waiting list for a popular parking facility.

Finally, VTAG is also a solution for the contactless Point of Sale in the garage. Management of rentals, such as bicycles or vehicles for those with limited mobility, is an available module in VTAG, as is the sale of various retail products that a cyclist may need.

For the operator and/or manager everything is integrated into a single user-friendly dashboard. At a glance, there is a clear overview of all aspects of bicycle parking – the usage of the bicycle parking facilities, subscriptions, and rentals and sales at the various locations.

The Advantages of Digital Bicycle Parking

An integral digital platform such as VTAG offers many advantages for everyone involved with bicycle parking facilities. As cyclists or users, we experience greater ease of use in parking our bicycles or other vehicles. And operators get better insights into the use of their parking facilities, and the opportunity to create and adapt policies and management accordingly.

With digitalization we can transform bicycle parking into a service that meets the demands of our time. By moving bicycle parking from the street to modern, user-friendly managed parking facilities, we create a more pleasant public space. And we can position the bicycle as an integral part of modern mobility solutions and a sustainable living environment.

For more information about the introduction of VTAG, you can read this news release from the city of Tilburg (Dutch language only).

About Monit Data

Monit DataMonit Data provides parking data analytics services for municipalities and private operators. User-friendly dashboards give clear information on car, EV, and bicycle usage. Use data-driven insights for urban mobility policies and day-to-day operational management.


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