Due to Intelligent Sensor Technology: Increased Utilisation at Washplex, Linz with MSR-Traffic

Parking Guidance System from MSR-Traffic in Lower Bavaria and MSR-Austria Enables Smart Parking in the Suction Hall

Parking guidance system from MSR-Traffic enables smart parking in the suction hall

Managing Director Hans Hoffelner's goal was to make the use of the suction hall more efficient and to offer smart parking solutions. After the fully automated washing process, the driver can then "finalize" the cleaning on his own in the vacuum hall. Interior cleaning, floor mat cleaning, fragrance sprays, etc. can be used there free of charge.

The operator's problem is obvious - at peak times, the hall is completely full, as most customers are happy to take advantage of the free offer. One quickly forgets that the next customers - coming from the car wash - would also like to make use of the offer.

Smart Parking Solutions by MSR-Traffic and MSR-Austria 
©Copyright MSR-Austria - LED matrix display in the Washplex suction hall

An intelligent parking guidance system shows the user that he has 15 minutes to use the free service. If the standing time is too long, the user is explicitly informed.

Dynamic LED matrix displays above each vacuum cleaner space start a 15-minute counter in real-time as soon as the respective box is occupied. Occupancy is detected by ultrasonic sensors with integrated status LEDs positioned centrally above the parking space by MSR. Click here for the video.

After 15 minutes at the latest, the vehicle should leave the vacuum cleaner box again in order to be able to offer a free box to the following washed vehicles. If the time is exceeded, the counter in the display counts up and the operator receives information via the ParkGard© Control Center (PGCC) software from MSR-Traffic that the parking space has been occupied for too long.

See the video for more information on single-space monitoring with ultrasonic sensors.

©Copyright MSR-Traffic - Intelligent parking guidance system ParkGard®Control Center (PGCC)The Heart of the Intelligent Parking Guidance System - the ParkGard® Control Center (PGCC)

The PGCC establishes the connection to the ultrasonic sensors and displays the counting information on the corresponding LED matrix displays. The PGCC is responsible for controlling the parking guidance system, storing historical data, compiling statistics, visualizing ongoing operations, and communicating with other systems.

About MSR-Traffic 


MSR-Traffic offers innovative sensor technology that enables counting and single-place detection of vehicles in indoor and outdoor applications. Drivers are quickly guided to the next available parking space via dynamic traffic control technology or via an app. In addition to the development, production, and sales of intelligent parking guidance systems, MSR also provides support in planning and installation on site. www.msr-traffic.de


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