From the beginning on a secure partnership for people and health

Hand in hand for safety and quality of life

MSR-traffic offers magnetic field and ultrasonic sensor technology for the counting or single space detection for parking guidance systems. Especially when it comes to indoor parking, not only the reduction of the waiting period while looking for a free parking space is paramount, but also the safety and health of the drivers. Car emissions (CO and NO) have to be detected reliably and with the highest precission so that ventilation systems are activated.



MSR-Electronic – a partner of global demand

At this point MSR-Traffic completely trusts the competence and quality of MSR-Electronic. From the beginning on the companies cooperated successfully and developed technics which improve the quality of life and protect the human health. Not only “Passauer Zentralgarage”, the central parking garage in Passau, or the “Riem Arcaden” in Munich, but also hotel garages in Las Vegas or the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Dubai have been equipped with gas alarm systems by MSR-Electronic.

The individually configurable and integrable technical solutions from MSR-Electronic are used for a very wide range of applications. The Company, headquartered in Pocking, already operated with 70 associated companies in 42 countries on four continents. The security systems are not only in great demand in car parks but also wherever people and machines are in closed rooms, like offices or production halls, laboratories or workshops. But also from cooling and heating systems unhealthy and toxic gases may escape, and these are immediately detected by the state of the art sensors of MSR-Electronic.


Perfect Solutions due to a smooth cooperation

Perfect Solutions in Traffic Systems (MSR-Traffic) and Perfect Solutions in Gas Detection (MSR Electronic) are not only claims, but also the basis of a ten year lasting success story that causes much of a stir not only within the regional borders but worldwide.

About MSR-TrafficMSR-Traffic logo

The German company MSR Traffic GmbH offers sensors that allow both the counting and single parking space detection of vehicles indoors and outdoors.

For more information please contact:

MSR-Traffic GmbH Würdinger Straße 27a | 94060 Pocking
Phone: +49 85 31 9004 0 Fax: +49 85 31 9004 59



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