Probably the smallest host computer in the world

MSR-Traffic has developed a central computer with touch-screen in a surface mounted enclosure

ParkGard® Control Box


Industry experts know these technical rooms in car park facilities only too well with large server cabinets, cables flying around, dirty work tables and uncomfortable, poorly lit workplaces.

Parking guidance systems of a certain size require a central computer in order to assign displays to certain zones or to graph statistics of the parking processes. These central computers can often be found in technical rooms as described above due to the proximity of the parking guidance system. The figure below shows the described situation: 

typical host computer

Typical example of a host computer in underground garages: expensive, bulky and outdated.

The question is whether an employee of the center management of the shopping mall or an airport manager will enter this room to be shown the current figures of the parking guidance system. The answer is no.

Host computer need not be expensive, bulky and old-fashioned.

Therefore, a network connection often links the host computer in the car park to a computer in the office building. Then, however, one may wonder why a large server rack or even a work table with desktop PC, keyboard and mouse has to be placed in the parking garage at all. This is unnecessarily expensive and yet wastes space in the small rooms.

MSR-Traffic has got to the bottom of these problems and has thought of an innovative solution:

If people always access the control system from the office and only make use of the host computer in the car park in exceptional cases, the one in the car park could be significantly smaller and thus be cheaper. Keyboard and mouse in the car park are superfluous as well in the age of touch screens.

No sooner said than done: MSR-Traffic now presents the new “ParkGard® Control Box

ParkGard-Control-Box        ParkGard-Control-Box

The "ParkGard® Control Box" is a powerful mini controller, including touch display.

The small host computer is equipped with the software "ParkGard® Control Center" (a client-server software) and a touch display and it provides the same interfaces as conventional computers. Individual sensor lines and displays can be connected to the computer as usual. The dimensions are 255 x 180 x 140 mm (length x width x height). The technicians on site can manage the parking guidance system on the small touch screen just as the employees from the office. Of course, access can be protected by a password, so the device need not necessarily be installed in an equipment room. The new device saves place compared to traditional computers, can be mounted on the wall at eye level, and is also less expensive than comparable computers with screen. Furthermore, this device has another advantage: Up to 128 sensors get be connected directly with this Control Box – without any additional controller unit.

The advantages of the host computer "ParkGard® Control Box" at a glance:

  • Smaller, lighter and more compact (all-in-one)
  • Suitable for wall mounting (also operation in standing position, no chair / table required)
  • Easy operation without keyboard or mouse (colour LED touch panel)
  • Up to 128 sensors can be connected directly (without additional controller unit)
  • Password protected (misuse by third parties excluded)
  • Powerful (applicable also for larger projects)
  • Modern and discreet design
  • Compatible to other systems / software

If you are interested, we will look forward to your inquiries. We are also happy to give you general information about parking management systems, parking garages, open parking areas or in cities. MSR-Traffic will provide the right products for all your applications.

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