Smart multi-storey car park in Copenhagen

- Copenhagen, Denmark, EU

MSR-Traffic technology reduces CO2 emissions
in Edvard-Thomsens-Vej, Copenhagen

The district of Ørestad, the youngest overspill of the Danish capital Copenhagen, located on the island of Amager, has been established since 1992 in the tradition of the English New Town concept. The urban developers have relieved the neighbourhood’s streets from parking cars by constructing a multi-storey car park situated in Edvard-Thomsens-Vej in order to gain more space for both residents and businesses. The car park’s architecture conforms to the style of the neighbouring residential buildings and blocks of student flats.

MSR-Traffic - Smart car park

The climate friendly car park excels with innovative technologies

An intelligent ventilation system comprises natural airing through perforated aluminium facades as well as electronic ventilation that starts operating as soon as a certain smog level is detected. The energy-saving LED lighting is installed in the clear, open design of the car park in such a way, that no dark corners exist anywhere, which makes it look attractive and contributes to the safety of the car park users. And finally the special finish of the driving surface reduces the noise from the car wheels.

The intelligent parking guidance system provided by MSR-Traffic and their partners Dräger Safety and MSR-Electronic significantly reduces CO2 emissions.

MSR-Traffic - Smart car park

Car drivers are guided to the next free parking space by modern LED displays and status LEDs that have been installed at each parking space so that a great part of the usual traffic produced by people searching for a place to park can be avoided.

In the district of Ørestad two multi-storey car parks have already been equipped with MSR-Traffic’s intelligent parking guidance system in combination with an MSR-Electronic gas alarm system by Danish partner Dräger Safety: in the Edvard-Thomsens-Vej and Robert-Jakobsens-Vej, each counting about 700 parking spaces.

The parking guidance system consists of ultrasonic sensors for the detection of vehicles on single parking spaces, magnetic field sensors for the counting of cars on the car park’s top level, LED displays that indicate free parking spaces and a special software for the visualisation of the parking space occupancy, whereby any alarm from the CO & LPG gas transmitters is integrated in the visualisation as a complement.

A better quality of life has been recorded in the neighbourhoods of Ørestad

Close to the car park the Copenhagen Golf Park and City Park are located which means that the car park alsMSR-Traffic smart car parko serves visitors in Ørestad.
While the parking spaces are in the daytime mainly used by employees of the surrounding businesses, visitors and shoppers, at night it is mostly the residents of the neighbourhoods that benefit from them.

Employed devices:

  • Ultrasonic sensors for the detection of vehicles on single parking spaces
  • Gas transmitters for the detection of CO & LPG
  • Magnetic field sensors for vehicle counting
  • Visualisation software ParkGard® Control Center
  • LED displays on each parking level and at the entrance/exit.


About MSR-TrafficMSR-Traffic logo

MSR-Traffic supplies sensor technology that enables the counting as well as the single space detection of vehicles indoors and outdoors.  

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